Why Women Don’t Have Anything To Wear?

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Most of the women find themselves in a situation where they stand in front of an open closet full of clothes, but have nothing to wear. Even though closet is full of countless dresses, shirts, sets, blouses, skirts, pants, scarves, it can still be hard to find the adequate piece of clothing, and even if you find something, you probably think that you made the wrong choice.

But you still get dressed, reluctantly, make two or three turns in the mirror, straighten stitches, frown and walk out into the living room to check your doubts with your completely incompetent partner:

– How does this looks on me?

Your partner is further still not interested and his response is directly dependent on developments on the football or the tennis court. If tense, words come out without looking up:

– You look great!


This is the worst possible response and can only cause anger, so you probably then return to the room and immediately take off “great on you” dress, being sure the selection was wrong. If by any chance you caught him during the commercials, the answer is longer and with a little more dedication:

– Where did you get it, I had never before seen that dress. My God, you throw money on everything!

In this situation at least you have something to think about, but when you go back to the mirror, worm of doubt falls on a ugly stitch, brain signals that this skirt does not go along with that purse, so the skirt is disposed on the bed where the bunch is getting bigger in the same way your patience is getting thinner.

Then you realize that those pants don’t go with the jacket, then the jacket does not fit with those shoes, one shirt is too kitsch, and so on until you do not see the end to this vicious circle, you sit on the same bed among the clothes of all sorts of things on the verge of tears noting:

– Well, I do not have anything to wear!

And what is left to you other than to wake up in the early morning next day and go to stores frantically changing cabins and wardrobe, until you return at the evening with several bags in hands and start all over again. Now, when the choice is even more expanded, this brings consequently bigger problem what to wear, so this adventure also ends with common conclusion:

– Again, I do not have anything to wear.

On the other hand men have nothing to wear only when both pair of pants are dirty, and all three shirts are not ironed, or when they don’t know where one of their four T-shirts is. It is simple problem that is solved with some clean clothes.

– For God’s sake, how are you dressed?
– It took me one try!

So what is solution to this never-ending problem? The issue is that every woman has too much choice, and they definitely put too much effort and thought into choosing what they’ll wear every day. If you want to solve this, thin out your closet. Throw out or donate clothes that you do not like or wear regularly.

On the other side when you go shopping, do not buy bulk of clothes, chances that you’ll buy something you don’t like when you get home are much greater. Rather have some shopping money with you at all times and buy something you like one piece at the time. It might take a bit longer to fill up your closet, but you’ll end up with a bunch of things you like and, believe it or not, you’ll save money. Try out this simple theory and you’ll solve all of your wardrobe problems.