Why Is Sesame Healthy For Women?

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

In this hectic world we are offered solution for everything, however, nature already gave us everything we need to stay healthy. All we have to do is give it a chance. One of the nature’s super foods is sesame and it has numerous benefits.

If you add it to your meals you’ll do a big favor to your body. There are different kinds of sesame, white, black and brown or red. While the black and brown sesame are sold on the market unpeeled, you can get white sesame peeled, unpeeled and it even comes as a pasta which many know under the name Tahini.

Vitamin A, B, E, lecithin, niacin, many minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and selenium are all found in this very small, but when it comes to health, very powerful plant.


More and more studies are showing the importance of sesame for our health and it effect in fighting against free radicals. People who are suffering from breast, colon or throat cancer will find sesame very useful in their fight.


Dental problems

Sesame is very good for your teeth and it has positive effect on mouth and gums. You can reduce the number of infections, inflammations while getting the toxins out of your system.

Skin health and beauty

Sesame oil consists of vitamin E and zinc and it protects your skin while making sure that is stays elastic, moisturized and youthful.


Sesame oil proved pretty effective as an analgesic. Simply apply it and it can ease your pain. It is also useful for handling poor blood circulation and numbness.


By consuming sesame regularly it can help you overcome impotence while making your vital functions and reproductive tissues stronger.

Regulates menstrual cycle

Sesame is very useful when introduced to your diet in pre-menstrual period. It reduces pain while weakening symptoms of PMS.

Makes bones stronger

Sesame is rich with calcium and its heat effect and deep penetration in tissue indicates just how important it is for our bones health and strength. It is especially useful for people battling osteoporosis.

Nutrient tonic

It works like a soft laxative so it regulates digestion while it has the positive effect on intestine health. As a matter of fact, sesame is very good for your entire digestive system.

As you can see from our article, it is very beneficial food which can prevent and treat many disorders and diseases. It is always better to prevent the issue than to treat it, so stay healthy and implement this amazing ingredient into your diet. You will do yourself a favor.