Why Is It Healthy To Drink Warm Water With Lemon

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Water with lemon acts as anagent for detoxification of your organism. It cleanses and stimulates the liver and stimulates the production of bile, i.e. acids needed for digestion. Warm water with lemon is a real elixir of health, so if you want to do something good for your body, drink this refreshing beverage in the morning.

Warm water with lemon is an excellent start for the day, many nutritionists advise so. If you want to get rid of dependence on coffee there is no better solution than to try this refreshing drink. In this article we’ll explain some great benefits of this amazing homemade beverage:

It helps detoxification

It is proved that water with lemon acts as a cleanser for the liver, or as detoxification agent. It cleanses and stimulates the liver and stimulates the production of bile, as we mentioned above. It can also help to control excess bile by reducing the amount of mucus produced in the body, and it can also help dissolve gallstones.

Excellent for digestion


Lemon juice has a positive effect on the digestive tract because it helps clean the intestines and stimulates the release of gastric juices. All together it makes positive influence on digestion, i.e. helps with heartburn and flatulence.

Reduces appetite

Because lemon contains pectin, you will feel more satiated and you will be less tempted to eat something delicious before lunch or dinner.

Reduces bloating

In the evening, if you go to sleep with full stomach or you feel bloated, most likely you will wake up in the morning with a sense of weight.

This will cleanse the body while flavonoids from lemon juice reduce the acidity in the stomach and helps recover faster.

It is excellent source of potassium

Lemons have high level of potassium, which does miracles in fighting heart diseases, and it boosts brain and nerve functions.

Good for your breath

Lemon prevents gingivitis and it is a great way to ease toothache. But be careful – after drinking this beverage wait with teeth brushing or brush your teeth before you drink it, because of the citric acid.

It is useful for beauty also

Hot water with lemon can make miracles for your skin because it helps in the fight against free radicals that affect aging.


If you are less than 150 pounds take half of lemon and squeeze it in one cup of the water, and if you are over 150 pounds take a whole lemon.