What To Wear This Season

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Each season brings something new in fashion collections around the world. While others only revitalize the old and familiar trends some take courageous steps that amaze us all. In general, this spring and summer bring back colors and cuts that were popular during the ’70s, and’ 60s.

Why not, they were beautiful moments in the history of clothing, and all that is good should be repeated. However, in each of these trends, there is something old and something new, fresh and worth wearing during the next season.

For those who prefer to wear simple and monotonous, one color and no details, this will be a tough season, if they want to stay in trend. For all others, who like to experiment, play with colors and styles from the past, this could be a real “summer of love”.


Since it first came out 40 years ago, khaki color has become a fashion classic, and this season it is back. From khaki leather details and clothing items, to feminist cuts and sexy and feminine shapes in many famous collections, everything breathes safari glamour.


Romantic lace

The collections of famous Italian designers are full of fine lace and bare skin. These collections are emphasizing femininity in its classic form and emphasize simple and self-sufficient luxury of lace. With these dresses they are proposing ideal Roman women sandals for summer.


This season many fashion gurus did not resist lines and classic shape of the kimono. You could say it is an ideal fashion piece for every occasion – from morning to evening, and and most of world class designers see it that way.

Navy nautical style

You will say that every summer this style is back, and you are right, except that the stripes are replaced with dark blue. In addition, it is recommended if you want to be really consistent, you should find a jacket that is a little more comfortable – use as a model any old boat captain.

Saturday Night Fever

Here’s the direct impact of cheerful 70s. French designers opted for a very short dress, and they reminded us how sequins can look effective, others joined this trend with an excellent choice of materials and classic cuts.


Maybe they always fascinated you, and you just might like to see yourself as a princess, and if this is indeed the case, then this fashion season is just what you needed. Some of the biggest names contributed to this trend.

Vintage materials

Blends, contrasts and all tailored together in amazing combination of old materials and modern types of prints and textures. If you like colorful, this is your new / old style in which you genuinely will enjoy.

The fire red

Although the trend is promoting only an intense shade of red, please feel free to make the most of this color. In case you want to combine with other colors, let it be light blue, but whatever you choose don’t forget – red nails and lipstick.

Pop Art

This season, some of the creators are interested in the work of pop artists which currently influence the world, and as a result they created the ingenious collections.

Polka dots

If you like the geometry, but also 60s fashion then you will gladly accept a new trend which is mainly dominated by polka dots. Although many will disagree, dotted is easily combined with many other colors depending on how much you are brave or prone to experiment.