Weddings Trends In 2016

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

During all these years, marriage ceremonies never lost on their appeal, in fact they are more popular than ever and from year to year, handful of trends are created that couples around the world choose for themselves.

It is impossible to resist to this beautiful ritual, because, after all, the essence of it is love, but that does not mean that some of the old traditions have to be maintained at all costs. Times change, and few find personal meaning in, for example, often awkward first dance, bridesmaids, and even throwing the bouquet.

Traditions are frequently honored without much reflection and automatically accepted to meet the criteria of family elders. On the other hand, many young couples have adapted modern traditions themselves as well as their aesthetics and world views. The smaller, modest, personalized and more relaxed celebrations are very often choice of many, mainly because they capture true magic of this special day.

It seems that the time in which everybody wanted the royal wedding is behind us and it is projected that trend of simple wedding that emphasize the character of the newlyweds will continue. Rustic wedding in nature, the national parks, as well as the re-creation of dating places are some of the most popular trends when it comes to the place of the ceremony.

Floral arrangements are becoming more elegant and simple, tables are decorated with freshly picked tulips, lavender or other seasonal flowers. The great example are different arrangements on the tables and simple garlands decorated with branches.


Romantic and intimate environment is usually achieved by lighting, and the most recent are muted, atmospheric hanging lamps or chandeliers characterized by soft light. Metallic colors have emerged as one of the leading wedding trends in 2016 as well.

The intimate atmosphere is achieved with seating arrangements. In recent seasons many chose long rustic tables which can gather a lot of guests instead of the standard round ones.

When it comes to the eating and drinking, a great hit are personalized cocktails, which often come in the company of small bites that perfectly match them.

It seems that even cakes are not characterized by rich glazes anymore and now they are served stripped decorated only with fresh fruits and flowers.

The two-day weddings are no longer reserved only for those who opt for exotic destinations. Couples, in fact, want more time to spend with their guests and the celebration is stretched over two or three days. However extended weddings are still popular at distant destinations such as Mauritius, Cyprus, Ibiza, Turkey, France…

Professional photographers may have less work, thanks to social networks and private cameras at every turn, as well as drones and GoPro cameras. Trend of innovative and at the same time informal photos and videos of the wedding is on the rise and we will see more couples photographing themselves and their entire wedding day or employing skilled friends with the latest video equipment.

When it comes to music, more and more attention is paid to diversity, so many couples choose a retro band that will be playing during dinner, singing to magnify intimate moments as well as the DJ to entertain the guests on the dance floor until dawn. As you can see, wedding trends in 2016 differentiate from the years before drastically, it is all about sophisticated simplicity which puts the spotlight on the true magic of this special day.