Vanilla Cake With Jelly Beans And Raisins

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

We all love cakes and it is the favorite desert of old and young. Here is what you’ll need to make one of the best cakes in the world.

• 24 eggs

For dough

• 24 tablespoons of sugar
• 24 tablespoons of flour
• 2 pack of baking powder


For filling

• 12 tablespoons of sugar
• 800 ml of milk
• 2 bags of vanilla sugar
• 4 bags of vanilla pudding powder
• 250 g of margarine
• 2 bags of gelatin
• 600 ml of cream
• 250 grams of raisins
• 250 g of colorful jelly beans

For decorating

• 100 ml of milk
• 1 sachet of chocolate cream

We begin with the preparation of the first dough. Break twelve eggs. Put whites in deeper bowl. Put ten egg yolks in the bowl for whipping and two egg yolks put in the bowl on the side. Mix whites with mixer. Gradually add eight tablespoons of sugar and mix it well until the sugar dissolves.

Take the bowl with ten egg yolks, add four tablespoons of sugar and mix it with mixer until the sugar dissolves. Add beaten egg yolks in bowl with mixed egg whites. Add twelve tablespoons of flour and one baking powder, stir with spatula until the mixture is unified. Apply in a baking dish coated with cooking paper. Put the baking pan in the oven, bake for 20 minutes at 200 degrees and remove it from the oven. Then prepare other dough in the same way.

We begin with preparation of filling. Put 500 ml of milk in a pot on the stove;add sugar and one vanilla sugar. Take the bowl with the remaining milk, and in it add the remaining four yolks that you have from dough, mix with whipping wire. Then in the milk that began to boil add the egg yolks while constantly stirring with wire, mix well. When cream reaches required density, take the pan from the stove and let it cool down.

In the deeper the bowl put the butter and remaining vanilla sugar. Mix with mixer until butter becomes frothy. Add the cooled cream and mix it well with mixer until the mixture is unified. In deeper bowl mix cream until it gets the necessary firmness. Add it in bowl with a mixture of butter and cream.

Again mix it until the mixture is unified. In the bowl with gelatin add eight tablespoons of water, stir. Dissolve swollen gelatin in a saucepan on the stove and add it to the deeper bowl. Mix until gelatin is combined with the mix. Add raisins and jelly beans cut into pieces, stir with a spoon until the filling is fully unified.

Cut baked dough by thirds to get the same three layers. First put the dough on the tray and then coat fill it. Repeat this procedure with other layers. In deeper bowl mix chocolate powdered cream and milk until whipped cream does not reach necessary firmness. Fill decorating bag with it and decorate the cake.