Trip Around The World

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

First trip around the world was completed by Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese sailor who was send by Spanish rulers to conquer new trade colonies. Dealing with the unknown areas without visible borders it was the venture worth of risk.

With today’s modern means of research this is much easier. Although today travelers do not miss their adventurous spirit, the motive is quite different – to visit as many destinations in a relatively short time as well as to enjoy them in every way.

Such a venture is planned for a long time, and it is usually experienced only once. The most important thing is to determine which way to go on a tour through all the continents and how much one is willing to spend. To be safe, you should avoid countries with certain conflicts, and even though there are many of them you still have enough beautiful places in the world that you can take a peek at.

Advanced Japan, populous China, modernized North America and temperamental Cuba, Mexico and Brazil certainly should be found on a map of your trip.


Traveling by boat is one of the most comfortable and generally the most beautiful ways to go around the world, but only if you are not limited by time.

This trip does not have to be expensive, like many famous cruisers or luxurious ocean liners.

You can travel cheaper with cargo ships, which have quite decent cabins. By sailing to ports that are not on commercial routes you will get to know the culture and customs of each region better.

But, if you do have problems with nausea on board, you should rather choose a train for this life adventure. Enjoying the outstanding comfort provided by train, you will see the beauty of the country you’re going through, without even getting out of it.

Planes are fastest way to arrive to destination, but that’s about all it can offer when it comes to experience. Travelling by car or motorcycle is adventure itself. You have to count on the potential complications and more expensive gasoline so this is recommended only for those with extremely strong nerves and deeper pockets. All in all, a trip around the world will give you the best experience if you combine boat, train and plane.

Talking about accommodation, there are a variety of agencies that can organize your accommodation in hotels, hostels, etc., but a trip will have special magic if you give a chance to a small, picturesque hotels and hostels that you can find yourself when you arrive at your destination. Once you are settled, you should get something to eat.

Wherever trip takes you, be sure to get to know the local cuisine. Not only will you find cheap and good food, but you will get to know the peculiarities of the area. If you are carefully organized, traveling the globe should be an experience that you will never forget.