Top 7 Culinary Chrono Tricks

Photo credit: Pixabay

Cooking, first of all should be done with love and devotion – and that will lead to perfect meals on the table. With time you’ll also get to know some tricks, find shortcuts, develop skills and cooking becomes a pleasure rather than obligation. So we bring you some of them.

1. The meat from the fridge

One of the most frequent mistakes beginners make is that they put the meat directly from the fridge on a pan. This way all the juices vanish, the meat shrinks and becomes very hard and tough. Therefore, it is essential that the meat first sits at room temperature for thirty minutes.

2. Do not poke and turn the meat


When putting the meat on the pan, put it on the side that was facing up, so the juices from the meat distribute evenly.

Let it roast good on one side, and then turn it to the other. When turning, meat should not be poked with a fork, because its juices will be released and drained.

Additional advice for better taste is – at the end of cooking add a cube of butter and some herbs, such as rosemary.

3. Always heat the pan

The pan should be well warmed up so heat evenly spreads over the entire surface. This prevents meat from sticking to the pan.

4. Correctly dispose the vegetables

Some vegetables do not need to be refrigerated, and potatoes are among them, as well as garlic and onions. Tomato is another food that is often kept in the fridge, which is a mistake. At low temperatures tomato significantly loses flavor and aroma. The proper storage for the tomato is in open bowl at room temperature, in the dark.

5. The use of eggs

Whether you are preparing eggs for breakfast or use them for any Chrono dessert, it would be ideal to leave them for twenty minutes at room temperature before preparation. Cakes and pastries prepared with such eggs are significantly more airy and softer. This should be done with butter also as with any other type of plant milk (almond, coconut, sesame).

6. Spices and herbs

Make sure that in your kitchen you have natural dry spices. You will be surprised what fantastic tastes can be created with them. For starters, take a couple of the most frequently used, such as dried oregano, ground coriander, cayenne pepper, celery salt, curry powder, minced rosemary, turmeric. Each of these spices enhances the taste of the meat and vegetables, which makes dish a lot more appealing.

7. Use baking paper

Baking paper makes it easier to extract bread and pastries from the molds, and decorative baskets from baker paper will become an additional decoration for muffins. We suggest that you use paper even for baking fish. Place the vegetables in the bottom of the pan, and the fish over it, season and wrap paper so that all the ingredients are inside. This will keep all taste and juices.