Tired Of Your Hairstyle? Here’s How To Refresh It Easily!

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

If you are not ready for radical action with scissors, despite the dominance of short hairstyles this season, an excellent solution is one and only bangs. Bangs are a great way to refresh your hairstyle in just a few strokes, and it’s great that everyone can find the style that suits them best.

Thick bangs

If you love the look of the sixties, this is surely the way to go. They look great on the girls that have an oval, long or heart-shaped face, who are willing to style their hair every day. In fact these straight cut and thick bangs require a lot of care and constant maintenance.

Remember that you will need to cut the hair at least every two weeks in order to be tidy. Before you opt for this hairstyle ask the hairdresser what shape does he advise you with respect to the shape of your face.

Micro bangs


Short bangs are really irresistible and they are a choice of some successful actresses.

These kinds of bangs look best on girls who have great eyebrows, expressive eyes and cheekbones as well as other delicate facial features. These bangs emphasize beautiful faces.

However, If you decide to go with asymmetrical bangs, it will be easier for you to get rid of them or to grow them back. You can also wear them straight on the side. Totally chic!

Swaying bangs

Some Hollywood actresses prefer ‘sucked’ and ‘thinned’ bangs that give a youthful look. They are not to tough and they can easily be styled. Their advantage is that you can attach pretty bobby pin when you decide to get rid of them and grow your hair again.

Long bangs parted

This look is arguably the most appealing one, and today we can see that it is pretty popular. However, you also need to make some effort maintaining them so always dry and style them with a brush.

Bangs combed to the side

As we can see from the examples of many Hollywood divas, this hairstyle is one of the classiest. If you are not sure whether you will be happy when you cut bangs (because there is no turning back at least a few months), this style – brushed aside the perfect solution for you. Tell your hairstylist to cut the hair so that bangs begin above the arch of the eyebrows and ends at the cheekbones.