Tips For Makeup If You Wear Glasses

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Wearing glasses can come as burden to some, but it is actually not so bad. Even more, because of the large choice of different models, they are an absolute hit. For last couple of years it became fashion accessory as important as any other. Appropriate makeup with glasses looks beautiful.

You just need to know the right tricks, color and how much makeup should be applied. Now we will present some general guidelines for makeup, color and quantity of it. Make your choice as you would combine clothes with bag you carry, or any other accessory.

Emphasize your eyes

Glasses cover much of the eye and you should know how to make them stand out. Put mascara, and thin or thick layer of eyeliner depending on the frame of your glasses.

Less makeup on the eyelids

Since the glasses cover the majority of the eyelids, you really should not be worried about eye shadow. If you do want to put an eye shadow, choose a neutral color that will not be noticed much.


Turn heads with glasses

If you do not feel comfortable while wearing glasses, because you think you do not look as awesome as you should, turn attention away from them by applying bold lipstick colors. Red, pink and purple are the colors that attract attention.

Apply blush

The place where frame of your glasses is touching your cheeks put little bit of blush. Give your skin a natural look.

Shape eyebrows nicely

Keep regular maintenance of eyebrows and shape them nicely, because they emphasize the eyes when wearing glasses. If you have thin eyebrows, make them bolder with pencil in the color of your hair.

Do not go overboard with makeup

You don’t want too many things going on the face at the same time, especially if you wear colored frames. Keep it simple.

Let the style of your glasses define your makeup

People who wear glasses with thin frames can strongly emphasize the eyes, while people who wear thicker frames or colored ones can do lighter make-up. If you wear really strong red, purple, brownish or some other bright color, the lipstick can be in the same shade complementing the frames.

Choose frames of glasses by shape of your face

Always choose frames primarily by the shape of the face and appropriate to your style. Today, the world is offering a really wide selection of frames in all the colors and shapes so chose the ones that suit you the best. If your face is elongated shape, suggested choices are those round frames or trendy cube ones. They will visually soften sharp features.

For a heart-shaped face the best fits are oval frames with a wider lower edge because they make great balance between high forehead and narrow chin. Sexy and retro frames are great choice for a round face, but be careful, it is very important that the upper edge of the frame follows the natural line of the eyebrows.