Secrets Of The Egyptian Beauty

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

When you arrive by boat from distant shores you can see true biblical views. Palm trees and fields that are still untouched, and behind, the bare desert mountains that just take the breath away. A cruise down the Nile, the longest river in the world, is something that’s been described by many, from Herodotus to Agatha Christie, it is something you simply must try.

We’ll start at Luxor, where the Nile promenade stretches for miles, with anchored ships. For Luxor it is been said that it is the largest outdoor museum in the world. This was the capital of the New Kingdom. Temple of Karnak, temple complex to be precise, is the second largest temple in the world.

Inside, there is a monumental statue of Ramses II built from a single piece of granite, and the hall with columns – the largest in Egypt. Today, obelisks that came from Karnak can be seen all around(one in front of the White House, the other in Paris, 13 of them in Spain, 14 in Rome).

Lady with a beard

Even early in the morning the temperature is not below 30 Celsius. It’s full of shops and cafes. There are people of all ages, but only Arabs, sitting on the tiles or walk in traditional dresses. In cafes tables are miniature, there’s just enough room for a small cup of hibiscus tea. Women, and you can’t meet a lot of them, are mostly dressed traditionally.


Valley of the Kings and nearby Valley of the Queens are very inaccessible regions in the wilderness, among rocks, away from everything, while on the rugged terrain all tombs except for Tutankhamen’s tomb were looted.

The temple built by Queen Hatshepsut, which was built in the golden age of the country, is one of the most beautiful temples in Egypt. Queen, besides this temple restored many others. She did not waged wars but commercial expeditions, and she had to wear clothes like a man and wear a beard.


In Egypt you cannot buy anything without bargaining. Usually traders come to you and the best tactic is to pretend to be uninterested.

Then the trader will gradually reduce cost and at the end you can get the perfect souvenir at half price.

Traders are used to it and if you offer the price that is too small for them they will let you know, then you should offer a little more and you’ll have a good deal. In any case it’s much better than in any store in the west.

Cleopatra’s beauty secrets

In Aswan you will meet Cleopatra, the most famous ruler of Egypt. She was seductress much more than a beauty. Cleopatra paid a lot of attention to her appearance and cosmetics. Her recipe for a face mask is still available, exactly the same as it was in the ancient times (printed in hieroglyphics on the walls of the temple Kom Ombo). The island of Elephantine, the former center of the ivory trade is now home to a small number of Nubians that migrated from the area that is flooded by Lake Nasser.


“Time defies everything, but the pyramids defy time,” says an old Arab proverb. Currently it is possible to enter only Khafre pyramid, which is a real fitness test. Apart from the pyramids of Cairo one cannot leave before visit to a famous Egyptian Museum. Tutankhamen’s tomb which is the only one saved from plunder, contains many interesting things.