Stunning Barcelona

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Barcelona is perfect for those who enjoy beautiful – beautiful architecture, beautiful food, beautiful people, moments and everything that makes life special.Mediterranean beauty, situated in the autonomous Spanish region of Catalonia, is populated by more than 1.5 million people, while the wider metropolitan area reaches 4.8 million.

It is often called the miracle of modernism, and when you go there, and experience its streets, you’ll see that the title is well deserved. The list of attractions in Barcelona that are truly worth visiting is long. They had Gaudi who gave this city a special touch and city wouldn’t be what it is if this great artist was born elsewhere. But it’s not just Gaudi whose works are breathtaking, other architects left their mark as well.

It is worth taking the extra time to visit Park Guell, but don’t be surprised by people crowding the masterpiece SagradaFamilia, which make take some of your precious time. Keep in mind that Barcelona wakes up very late and if you wake up by 11 h a.m. you’ll only encounter confused tourists which didn’t sync with the rhythm of the city.

Famous fountain which inspires visitors from all over the world with stunning lights and shapes is a true magnet for tourists. You can connect the evening tour of the Plaza Espana and walk to the National Palace above the fountain whose terrace offers a truly beautiful view of the city.


If you like the look from above and you want to see Barcelona on the palm of your hand, do not miss the Montjuïc castle.

The castle is on the hill above Barcelona which is reachable by the bus or a taxi.

If you let yourself be guided by the city, you will discover magical places, small restaurants and bars and beautiful squares where hours pass like seconds.

One such place is the Plaza de Santa Maria, the square where the street artists alternate and where you can drink a glass (or more) of excellent wine at decent prices. Do not be surprised if you encounter locals dancing traditional dance because they are generally very proud of their tradition and they are happy to share it with tourists.

Barcelona has 4.2 km of sandy beaches just 10 minutes from the city center. You can also find several parks that are ideal for relaxation and long walks. One of the best is the Parc de la Cuitadella near the zoo. If you want to relax closer to the center, there are several green areas where people are laying, resting and enjoying their time in this amazing city.

You will never be hungry because almost every cafe and bar has food. A lot of interesting places can be found on the large market La Boqueria. Judging by the huge crowds and happy faces we believe that the food is great. If you like to enjoy the bright colors and the smells of food with melodic sounds of Spanish or Catalan language, you have to visit this market.

Paella and sangria can be found at every corner, but since a lot of stuff is made for tourists, real sangria is hard to find. However the waiters are very helpful and if you ask they will point out “false” sangria. Live music is available at almost every bar, except on Sundays, when most bars close around midnight.