Spring Care For Your Hair

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

When it comes to the new season, we’re always in the mood for change. Simplicity, romance, natural look, beautiful and nourished hair are the main characteristics of spring hair trends. Highlight the natural color and make sure that your hair is shiny and nourished. With the arrival of warmer days, hydration products should be included in regular hair care.

Choose products based on organic ingredients and those rich in natural oils. You should avoid hair products that are not from the professional line, so-called, market products, because they are often poor quality. Regardless of whether you follow trends or not, for the arrival of the spring we always recommend a change: highlights, tinting and shading or a more vivid, expressive color.

Hair color is the primary element, which means it plays the main role in creation of a successful appearance and trendy hairstyle. This spring brings everyday hairstyles that will suit the majority of women, which means no strange and weird haircuts.

Healthy hair is always IN – and this requires regular care and haircuts. In order to achieve a good look, you have to adjust your hairstyle with the rest of your visual identity.


Trust in connection between the client and the hairdresser is very important thing.

Therefore, find hairdresser that you fully trust and there will not be misunderstandings, you will come out of the salon satisfied every time.

If you are wondering which products you should use (shampoos, conditioners, packaging and colors), we always recommend those that are available to everyone, ones with which you can achieve a good result even at your home. Choose products based on organic oils, especially with oil for thin hair, oil for sensitive scalp and oil in spray to achieve high gloss with no weight effect on the hair.

Little secrets that will make wonders this spring

Due to the coldness during the winter, the hair becomes dry and loses its shine. We give you five simple tips for hair care that will ensure that your hair will shine again.

1. Walk – a lot of movement in combination with right nutrition and proper care will quickly give you noticeable results;

2. Care for the roots – To ensure that hair root gets right nutrients, massage your scalp and apply appropriate ampules for strengthening the roots of the hair once a week;

3. Cut the tips of – you should get haircut every spring and get rid of split ends caused by the cold winter;

4. Change care products – You should have different hair care line for every season, because hair needs different nutrition during different parts of year.

5. Refresh color – refresh your hair color and make it shine again, but use product that will not damage your hair or scalp.