Soured Milk Diet – 10 Days, 6 Kilograms Less

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Soured milk lowers blood cholesterol according to latest research. Consumption of soured milk is good for intestinal disorders that are caused by spoilage of proteolytic bacteria, as well as for all diseases accompanied by fever and decreased intestinal mucosal absorption power.

Its special value lies in preventing damages to the cardiovascular system and improving immunity. It is considered to be complete food because it contains all the necessary nutritional ingredients – fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Eating yogurt regularly especially with other foods that contain lactic acid effectively acts on gum health, and women who regularly consume yogurt, several times during the day, have better figure compared to those that do not consume this drink. In addition, they are better supplied with calcium and vitamin D, which are important for bones.

This diet can help you lose 5-6 kilograms in ten days. However, since it is a restrictive diet it should not be followed longer than 14 days in a row.

What is recommended when you start this diet?


Natural soured milk – 500 g per day.
Fruit – up to 300 g per day (but don’t eat grapes and melons due to the large amounts of natural sugar in).
Meat – up to 100 g per day (chicken and turkey – with removed skins and fat, and fish).
Vegetables – up to 300 g per day (tomato, radish, cucumber, peppers …).
Green vegetables – up to 300 g per day (lettuce, kale, cabbage, arugula, endive …).

Simple day menu

Introductory note: The amounts of sour milk that will be used in some recipes depend on your preference and taste. It is important to eat at least 500 g sour milk a day and the distribution on portions is totally up to you.

For breakfast

– Sour milk and raspberry jelly;
– A cup of green tea or a cup of pure orange juice.

For lunch

– A cup of hot herbal tea;
– Cold soup made of sour milk and cucumber sliced into thin circles;
– 100 g of cooked meat;
– Cucumbers salad, tomatoes, herbs and spices;
– The desired amount of sour milk;
– A glass of warm lemonade (without sugar).

For afternoon snack

– Tomato with sour milk. Add a little mustard and a little salt in sour milk, put it in the blender and mix briefly.

For dinner

– A cup of hot herbal tea;
– Steamed green beans with sour milk;
– A glass of warm lemonade (without sugar).

As you can see, the choice of food quite varies so it should not difficult to stick to this diet for ten days, but avoid wheat products and candy. Of course, be sure not to forget physical activity, so every day, take 30 minutes if for nothing else, then at least for a brisk walk.