Smooth And Attractive Legs In 4 Easy Steps

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Nice legs are not really noticeable in winter, but as seasons change so does the situation. Miniskirts, short shorts and short dresses are “attacking” us from all the shows, while embellishing the life of the boys around us. Exposing your own may not be a problem if you have a soft and toned skin without a single hair. And now you can have beautiful legs without spending lot of money and time.

Soften skin

Piling – For smooth skin regular exfoliation is necessary. Do this with gently exfoliating agents that, if possible, contain moisturizing oils to prevent drying and flaking of the skin.

The glow – To give your legs a fantastic glow, rub exfoliating agents in rapid, circular motion. Put some extra effort to the parts around the knees and ankles.

Redness and blemishes – Get rid of the redness and possible pimples with the help of lotion with salicylic acid, which dries out the inflammation. Use also extracts that soothe skin.

Tightening – Regularly moisture the legs with moisturizing creams that feed and tighten the skin.


Smooth the legs

Choose the right razor– For the best results make sure to use razor with three or four blades, so in a single move you will remove all unwanted hair – this will prevent possible irritation and dry skin.

Surround yourself with the steam– Many of us get down to shaving soon as we enter the shower. It is better to do this at the end, according to experts. The steam will soften the skin and hair, and its removal will be much easier. When it comes to technique, the experts propose to tighten the skin and pull the razor against the direction of hair growth, except for bikini area.

Choose the right things
– Shaving creams that contain ingredients like silicone or various kinds of oils can help to prevent redness and irritation and help razor “slipping” on the skin. So, before buying shaving cream, make sure that the right ingredients are in it.

Wax with less pain– If you have the patience, time and you are “resistant” to the pain, consider waxing. “Unlike shaving, waxing pulls hair from the root and that allows you to be at peace for several weeks.”

Deal with ingrown hair– Despite all your efforts, this can happen. Try not to “dig”. Treat them with a cotton swab dipped in cleanser based on glycolic or salicylic acid. This will soften the surface layer and open the follicles, which will allow the hairs to come out.

Hide what’s for hiding

Outsmart cellulite – There is no magic cure for cellulite, but dermatologists agree that lotions that contain coffee, guarana and tea, can enhance circulation and temporarily reduce bloating.

Another idea: take a brush with natural bristles and, starting from the ankles, massage upwards. This will stimulate lymphatic drainage and thereby reduce bumps formed due to accumulation of fluid.

Remove bruises– If you hit the edge of the table, put the ice to prevent swelling and possibly the appearance of bruises. If the bruise, despite everything, appears mask it out by blending shimmering powder with a liquid moisturizer.

Hide other disadvantages– To camouflage the stretch marks, scars, veins, and similar stuff choose intensive concealer or product specialized for this kind of problem.

Make toes even sweeter

Cut toenails– Cut nails straight and remove sharp edges, but do not make them too rounded because this can lead to ingrown nails.

Prepare the skin– Use stone and foot creams to remove all dry and roughened skin.

Hydrate– Push the cuticles in, and then rub moisturizer and cuticle oil and wait for it to absorb a minute or two.

Paint the toenails– Coat the base and two layers of varnish. Shimmering shades are this spring biggest hit.