Smoking – Synonym For Aging

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Anyone who goes through pack of cigarettes a day has five times more wrinkles than a nonsmoker. They also have yellow teeth, bad breath, usually excess body fat etc., and they burn their money. So if you are among them, what are you waiting for? Get rid of this disgusting habit!

When you smoke a single cigarette, the small blood vessels in the body constrict and remain constricted for 90 minutes. This leads to a reduction of the oxygen concentration in the skin and that’s how vicious circle of smoking and aging starts. The consequences of the lack of oxygen are the following: reduced amount of collagen, collagen fibers break, the skin cells lose moisture and skin loses its ability to regenerate.

Look closer at your face, and then at faces of all the smokers you know. You’ll see that they all look tired, gray, with the blood vessels showing under the skin of the nose and cheeks. But it doesn’t just ruin your face!

Gum and teeth issues

Yellow teeth are common occurrence, we all know that. But less known is the fact that people who smoke are twice as likely to have oral issues than nonsmokers. This is because tobacco damages the gums, causing periodontitis and many other problems.


Wrinkles are deeper

Smoking and aging go together primarily due to poor circulation. Facial skin is thinner, collagen fibers are breaking faster, and wrinkles appear much earlier.

They are particularly pronounced around the lips and around the eyes.

Experiment on 25 identical twins, where one of them smoked, revealed that smoker’s skin was quarter thinner. Facial movements also contribute to the rapid emergence of wrinkles.

The hair is thinner

Both in men and women hair is thinning with age but smoking accelerates this process. Hair is more brittle, and ends break easily, while hair loss occurs more often. At the same time women have more hair on their face and hands because this habit stimulates testosterone production.

Waist disappears

It also causes hormonal imbalance and thus affects body shape. In women, fat is first deposited on the stomach due to excess testosterone. Some people are beginning to smoke to weaken or maintain their desired weight. Tobacco smoke affects your metabolism because it has a strong influence on the system of glands related to internal secretion. However, weight loss is the negative effect and can cause permanent hormonal disorders.

Age spots are delivered prematurely

Another great example of connection between smoking and aging are age spots on the face and hands which are result of years of excessive sunbathing, but studies show that smokers get them much earlier. In another experiment, two twins were spending same time sunbathing, but one was smoker, and the other was not. Twin sister who was, got stains before her sister and they were more pronounced.