Rivals On The Plate

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

How many times did you eat something that made you feel bloated and uneasy? Believe it or not it might be the foods you combine. As you probably already know there are some foods which simply don’t go together. Different enzymes can cause some issues which can ultimately result in digestion problems. Here are few combinations you should avoid.

Cheese and tomatoes

Certain alkaline elements found in these two ingredients are not a good combination. Best example for this are certain salads which contain cheese as well as tomatoes. Calcium from one and potassium from another rival each other and they are not recommended.

Peas and meat

It is not good to combine proteins with foods rich in starch. To digest starch you need alkaline surrounding while to process meats you need acids. When they are ingested together you can experience bloating and flatulence. So don’t combine meat with pasta, rice or potatoes.


Meat and sour cream

Certain dishes contain this combination which can confuse our stomach due to the different enzymes needed to digest these two ingredients. Food might be retained in digestion tract longer causing different issues, which ultimately result in lower nutrient absorption.

Bananas and yogurt

This mix will give you that feeling of heaviness. Fresh fruits shouldn’t be combined with any other ingredients. Fruit is digested quickly unless it comes in contact with another food.

Pasta and sweets

Sweets go through stomach quickly if you didn’t eat anything else. However, if it’s busy digesting other foods, sugars have to wait for their turn.

That’s why sweets and fruits should never be combined with other ingredients.

This also means that you shouldn’t eat them just before or after the meal because this complicated process will give you flatulence and make you feel bloated.

Water and food

Consuming water while eating is not recommended because water dilutes digestive juices making the whole process longer and less efficient. When it comes to drinking water and eating, it is recommended that you drink water half hour before the meal or one hour after. Because cold drinks come hard on our stomach, the beverages we consume should be mildly cooled.

Most of us eat some of the combinations listed above on daily basis. Even though issues that are direct result of combining these foods are not major, we should still pay attention to what we eat. Keep in mind that healthy digestion will keep you happy.