Refresh Your Breath Naturally

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Bad breath affects as many as a quarter of the population, but it is not a problem of the modern age, it was documented in historical records 3,600 ago. This issue is detrimental to all forms of interpersonal interactions. Many people that have unpleasant breath are not aware of it, or they just feel unpleasant taste in their mouth.

The unpleasant smell has several possible causes, some of which may be present simultaneously. Poor oral hygiene is in the first place. After eating, bits of food remain in the mouth, which under the influence of bacteria, decompose and emit an unpleasant odour. Bacteria multiply in large numbers especially on the tongue, which is visible even to the naked eye in the form of whitish deposits.

Some foods contribute to bad breath, such as onion and garlic, strong spices, cheeses, fish and drinks with high acidity, such as coffee. Another reason may be difficult digestion of some foods.

It can also be caused by reduced inflow of saliva and consequently dry mouth.


The role of saliva is very important in the digestive process, because in addition to softening the food and beginning of the process of digestion, it allows runoff of residual food particles from the mouth.

The feeling is not pleasant at all and we all seek chewing gum or breath fresheners to get rid of it, but there are better natural ways, especially if you have more of these problems.


If you have it in the kitchen, just tear off one leaf and chew it. This is one of the oldest natural means to neutralize it. You don’t have to spit chewed content because mint is healthy, and your breath will stay fresh longer.

The tea tree oil

How effective this oil as a cure for this issue is says the fact that it is very common ingredient in many types of toothpaste. Take a few drops of oil and rub it on your teeth or dip dental floss in it. You will experience a pleasant taste in the mouth that will last.


Citrus refreshes your organism and brings enough vitamins to bypass the winter viruses while it is also helpful in this case. At least one lightly chewed slice will award you with a pleasant and fresh breath.


Clove contains mild essential oils and exceptional pleasant smell, and it is useful as a breath freshener and as a remedy for toothache. Nibble a few seeds, and you will enjoy the freshness.


It is rich in chlorophyll and has strong antiseptic properties. Take a few leaves and chew them slowly. You can spit, but also swallow it, which will get you even more vitamins.

Baking Soda

What you probably have in your kitchen, and can help you solve this problem is baking soda. Dilute one teaspoon in a glass of water and stir in the mouth.