Reflection Of Femininity And Sophistication

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Fashion is a part of every woman’s life and from year to year it changes. Watching today’s fashion scene, there’s not much difference between men’s and women’s clothing. Men’s slacks and heels and a tight white shirt looks very attractive on every lady. But one piece of clothing has always been and always will be exclusively female.

It is considered to be the ultimate declaration of femininity. From its beginnings to the present day it has passed many transformations, length and shape, but it still remained true to its original intent – a celebration of femininity. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the dress.

If you see a girl walking down the street in fluttering dress, you know that the spring in front of us, because such garments simply cannot stand to be hidden behind thick coats and jackets. It simply must be visible. If you want to shine in all your glory this spring – dresses are your choice.

Why dress?


In addition to being practical (you do not have to balance how to fit “upper” and “lower” part of the garment) dress is a reflection of femininity and sophistication.

If you know how to wear a dress, you are ready for anything. Dress is a reflection of your personality, taste and character.

Whether you prefer longer or shorter, more open or more closed, the dress will make men turn their heads. It is important to only select a model that suits your figure that will make you feel comfortable and attractive.

“Must have” this spring

This spring, dresses are a definite “must have”, and all the leading high street brands proposes – blue as the main color (H & M, Mango, Orsay). Whether it is a short evening cocktail dress or something longer and formal, blue is hit. The preferred one is the Paris blue, and a special emphasis will be on the navy blue dresses with white stripes.

On the other hand, if you are a lover of fluttery style, boho style is back – with the dominant white and beige. If you do not want to go with “blue” this spring, you can wear other colors – red, yellow and even black. Keep in mind one thing – this spring is dominated by simple, feminine lines that foreground delicacy and tenderness of the female body.

How to choose the right one

If you have already decided that your spring outfit will be dominated by dresses, you need to know how to choose the right one, just for you. If you are not tall chose monochrome shorter dresses because they will visually elongate you. Of course stilettos are required. The advantage is that you can play around with fashion accessories that can be colorful.

If you have accented curves, cut dresses are ideal for you, especially if you are in the V cut-out. If you have broad shoulders, the upper part of the dress should be narrower, and the skirt a little more luxurious. If you want to hide tummy, select a dress that falls freely without bind at the waist. Wrinkles also conceal well this little disadvantage as it has the nave or V cut in the upper part. If you have nice legs, feel free to choose shorter dress.