Redesigning Living Room

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Before, living room has served mainly as a representative part of the apartment where owner received guests, but today, it became the center of family life in many homes. Changes in lifestyle and in the use of living space for the whole family became very different, meaning that living room today still serves for the reception of guests, but it is also a place where family members retreat to find the peace and quiet after a working day.

It is a place where they watch television, relax by reading a book or magazine or listening music. There is no right way to arrange living room because it offers endless possibilities. But when you do the arrangement or rearrangement, the most important thing is that the living room suits your needs and preferences. It should be a place where you feel comfortable with your family and your friends.

Even though there are lot of ways to do it, here are some of the most important guide lines for planning your living room. From the very beginning you should carefully plan every step – even when you want to make only a few changes. Ask yourself what you really want for this room to be. Will it be a quiet room for reading and relaxation? Or representative space for receiving guests?

Will this room primarily be used for watching television? Do you need space for certain hobbies? Create a list of all the activities that will take place in this room and talk to other family members to understand how they imagine that space. Do not forget the future needs. Make priorities.

Ask yourself – when the room is used more often – during the day or in the evening? Will the atmosphere in it be cheerful and playful or calm and relaxed? If you have or plan to have small children, attention should be paid to their needs. It should always be on your mind that the family develops, children grow up and eventually leave home. Therefore, plan for the future.


Plan carefully all the costs. Make a financial framework and stick to it. Do not forget to anticipate possible price increases in labor or materials, so for this situation make cash reserves.

Be extremely careful and realistic because investment funds larger than planned can take fun away from redecorating.

It would be a good idea to talk with an expert, so you do not have to subsequently correct the resulting errors.

Drafted plan

Once you have decided on all the details, next step is drafting in the correct scale. If you have no experience in this just use simple sketches on which windows, doors, sockets, telephone connections, dents in the wall are marked.

Your plan does not need to look like expert draw it, but it is important to work on the exact scale of 1:50 for example. You can create it manually or on a computer. Today there are many programs that allow you to simulate the design of any room in the house. Most of these programs are free and simple to use. If you want to do it manually, use graph paper.

When you draw the plan, make models of all parts of furniture which will find their place in the space. Adjust position of models for so long until you get a satisfactory solution. All of this might seems as an excessive work but trust us – planning correctly will make everything else a lot easier.