Nail Polish Looking For Its Shadow

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

The latest fashion rule is that eye shadow and nail polish should be in the same shade. Match them! For years, the rule was that nail polish and lipstick should be the same color, but this rule, naturally, had to change. Once, a nail polish was made mainly in colors that are a match to the ones for the lips.

However, the color palette of nail polish got so much richer that the rule of the matching nail polish with lipstick has become completely dysfunctional. Of course, nobody will put a black or green lipstick. But a lot of people would use eye shadows in those colors. The focus is on manicure and matching it with eye shadow. In the coming season short and simple manicure nails will be fashion rule.

Gray is trendy

All shades of gray nail polish and eye shadows, matte and silver, will be very fashionable this fall and winter.


In addition to gray, you can choose other cold pastel colors, such as lilac, blue, light green, dark green … these colors are easily matchable, and look pretty on nearly everyone.

They are suitable for a day because they are discrete and sophisticated.

Cobalt is fashionable

This is the second season that cobalt blue is color hit. On the nails, the eyes, as a detail in your hair … this color looks good when it comes to brunettes and blondes, but still it is more adequate for young girls. There is a danger that elderly women with such a shadow look older.

Black is sexy

Black smoky eyes and black nail polish combination is already classic. It is in Vogue for several seasons and it is still the leading trend. This style is no longer seen as eccentric and reserved only for gothic. With small shifts in performance, black has become mainstream. It looks sexy, feminine and dramatic.

Red is eternal

Red nail polish is timeless trend that has made a shift in the perception of red eye shadow. Sometimes the red eye shadows were unthinkable, but not anymore. The only thing is that it looks well on you only for the evening occasions. On the upper lid put oily red shade, and on the edge of the eyelid pull out the black eyeliner.

White is elegant

The minimalist trend milky white manicure and the same shadow of eyeliner or shadow will be absolute hit for the upcoming season. This compound is good for women of all ages and suits all occasions. It looks clean and elegant so it is ideal for real ladies.