Multimasking – One Mask Is Good But Few Are Better

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Some masks are good for narrowing pores, while others facilitate pigmentation, or come as extra food your skin. Each mask is good, but all of them working together present best and fastest solution.

Until recently, the masks were applied individually – first cleaning, then hydration. The interval between the applications of masks sometimes lasted several days. But women living rapidly now have the opportunity to save a lot of time and solve several skin problems at once.

The skin on different parts of the face is different. At the forehead and at the head of the nose and chin, much of the sebaceous glands are focused in the T-zone. Dark spots appear on the cheeks often, as well as wrinkles around eyes. One mask is not able to do what two can or even five at a time.

Therefore, multimasking is the great solution. It is an ideal combination for the treatment of skin and is intended normalize oily, dry and dehydrated skin. Depending on the time of year and month, you might see sebaceous glands, wrinkles, and redness become more pronounced, or you might see all the issues come at you at once.


Multimasking or simultaneous use of several masks can be selected depending on the needs of the skin at any time.

Look in the mirror, examine your face with your fingers to figure out which areas are problematic, and which are dehydrated.

If you have sensitive skin, first try each mask for itself. If all goes well and there is no allergic reaction, start with a combination of the two products.

The masks are applied to clean skin on peeling which was done previously, so active beneficial ingredients can do their job properly. Masks may contain clay, volcanic ash, sludge from the bottom of the sea or the various acids. They are applied evenly so you get unified layer.

Dry, uneven skin and skin that has lost elasticity usually appear on the cheeks and cheekbones. Here you need a creamy texture, which moisturizes the skin, restores skin tone and elasticity. It can also be applied to the neck, the upper eyelids and lips. Masks for these areas are composed of hyaluronic acid, vegetable oil and vitamin C. If your skin is prone to inflammation, apply anti-inflammatory mask, for example, the mask with zinc. If the transverse forehead wrinkles appear, you need an anti-aging mask with collagen.

For groomed lips, there are hydrogel plasters, which not only make your lips smooth, but also the area around them. Average time you need to keep the mask on the face is 10 to 20 minutes. Try to be in a horizontal position with your eyes closed, and relax. Indeed one of the reasons why you should go to a beauty salon is precisely the lack of distractions.