Losing Weight Vegetarian Way

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Do you want to change your lifestyle habits? Start with meat. Meat is not the most important food group and you can choose to eat it or leave it. If you chose to remove it from your diet then this is an article for you. It is a vegetarian diet plan based on the intake of complex carbohydrates and very little fat.

This diet is developed by professor of medicine and cardiologist Dean Ornish. In the 90s he was occupied with studying the effects of changes in diet on human health as well as development of cardiovascular diseases. As a result a book Eat More, Weigh Less was written.

If you decide to follow this diet, your primary source of nutrients will be whole foods and complex carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables as opposed to simple carbohydrates found in sugar and honey. The amount of fat will be reduced to a minimum and only 10 percent of calories will be obtained this way.

Caloric value of this kind of food is lower than the one to which we are accustomed, and that will result in weight loss.


You will not feel a sudden hunger attacks because the diet is balanced so that it contains a lot of fiber that will make you feel full.

Even if weight loss is not your primary concern, you will benefit from this diet, which scientifically reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Of course there is a problem. The Western diet is largely based on animal proteins and highly processed foods. For example, plain white bread that we consume on a daily basis is devoid of all essential nutrients. Eating it you only get empty calories. It is a big possibility that people who are obese are also malnourished. So despite their weight, high-quality nutrients that the body is using to function are extremely limited.

Do not worry that this diet will leave your wallet empty. A carefully planned vegetarian diet is actually more cost effective than the one in which the meat is main ingredient. Pregnant women, or women planning pregnancy as well as younger individuals should consult a doctor.

Be careful when choosing foods. Do not choose the cheapest, because think about it, everything you eat becomes a part of you. Calcium builds bones, proteins become part of your muscles, vitamins and minerals maintain normal micro functions. So whenever possible choose organic foods of known origin.

It is imperative to change habits. Move, peel yourself from computer screen or the TV and do something good for yourself. Start slowly and turn up the intensity gradually. The human body is created to be active. If you find classic exercise boring, find what suits you. Anything that raises the heart rate is good. You can just turn on the music and dance, or walk a big circle around your neighborhood with your dog. Your choice. We wish you success!