How To Wear Bright Colors And Bright Tones

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Bright colors are in trend this spring, but the question is – does every woman know how to present the clothes in these hues? If you are not careful, you simply soak in bright colors and lose your individuality. If you don’t want this happening to you, follow these stylist recommendations.

Refresh colors using accessories

The main task of bright colors is to enliven the combination, highlight what needs to be emphasized and make it special. When choosing a color, note the time, location and circumstances. For example, ornaments with light blue and light green elements will perfectly fit as daily and evening outfit.

No more than a single piece of clothing in bright shades

You can be the center of attention, even when wearing one bright piece of clothing or accessory. This is especially true for basic clothing pieces – pants, dresses, jackets. If you choose a blouse in sumptuous green, combine it with pants in neutral color. Cyclamen color blouse will fit perfectly with a skirt in gray shades.

Note the color of your skin


Ladies with darker complexions look better with vivid colors and they look their best in dresses of these shades. Pastel colors and shades will “kill” their natural color.

Ladies with brighter complexion look better with a little more subdued tones, but that does not mean you have to choose only the impersonal shades.

Here comes the rule from the beginning – refresh the combination with accessories.

Soothe bright clothes

If you think your shirt, blouse or dress is too bright, choose a blazer or jacket in neutral colors. This way you can still shine, but you will not be too obvious.

Avoid similar tones

If you want or like to combine several pieces in bright hues, make sure that shades look good with one another. For example, colored beads can look nice when falling over dress in the same color or print. This looks both elegant and powerful. Or you can go with contrast, but be careful to choose only small details in contrasted color.

A few more recommendations: bright yellow T-shirt will fit perfectly with the skirt in neutral gray shades. Dark blue jeans can be combined with T-shirt in one of the quiet tones and then you can brighten this combination with bright yellow wraps. Spring has arrived. Let it fly into your wardrobe and refresh it with bright colors.