How To Prevent Your Child From Talking Back To You

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

When you observe some “new tricks” – it can be initially sympathetic, but soon this can grow into insolence and disobedience. Below, we present several methods to teach your child from talking back to you. Not all methods will be equally effective on every child, so try each of them and see what works for you.

Set ground rules

You can write house rules on the board, which will hang in a prominent place. One of the list items should be: not talking back to mom and dad. Next to the rules specify penalties for violation and write them on the board also. Read the rules to your children and be prepared to show them the panel as soon as they start to talk back.

Control your emotions


Kids at certain stages start to question how far they can go. You can expect to hear from your three year old kid that you’re evil mother, and in such situations it is difficult not to take it personally and ask yourself whether you are a good parent.

But be aware that children interpret when you let them go easily as establishing dominance over you. Instead, it should be clear to them that things they say do not affect you. This should teach them that instead of answering to parents, it is better to resort to persuasive arguments, which is a skill that they will extensively use when they grow up.

Be persistent

There is no result if you tell the child, “If you ever talk to me this way again, you will not get …” and then not to fulfill that threat. In order to convince a child that what you say, you really mean, you have to be consistent. They will need to feel consequences only once or twice before changing their behavior.

Sometimes try with a little tenderness

Tenderness will fight their rudeness. In such situations, you need to forget the struggle. When your child is out of line, the first you should do is to take deep breath, go down to their level and tell them that you see that they are frustrated. Ask them to tell you what this is about. This will help the children calm down and open.

Reward and praise kindness

If you really think about it, you will realize that probably most of the time your children behave politely and respectfully, but parents rarely assert that. Mostly parents pay attention to bad behavior and ignore all the good. Instead of arguing, try to answer the focus on what you want to get out of a conversation with the child. When they politely respond to your requests, you need to commend them and tell them that they were very competent and then gently pat them on the shoulder. You will be surprised how children react positively to positive stimulus.