How To Make Aromatic Water

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Aromatic water has been used in the past widely because it helps most common skin problems. So why don’t we use it today? Healing effects of aromatic distilled water may be particularly useful in summer, especially after the summer vacation at the beach, when the skin under the influence of heat and sweat is often insufficiently hydrated and deprived of its elasticity and shine.

The historical method

In aromatic distilled water, or hydrolates, water base (distilled water)is enriched with volatile and water soluble active ingredients which are found in plants. It is prepared from plant material subjected to distillation, during which water in the form of steam is extracted from herbs along with different active ingredients. In contrast to the essential oils, the aromatic effect of the water is more delicate, and you can’t’ use too much of it.

Not much of it on market


In the past it was very much used, and pharmacists back then made it by the old recipes.

However, today we can pretty much say that it’s been forgotten. It is not presented on the market, and it looks like cosmetic industry forgot precious healing properties of these special aquatic products.

If you want to discover beneficial effects of aromatic water, you can make it at home, using ordinary distilled water and essential oils. Pick the ones you find most appealing

What is it used for

Aromatic water can be used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes and it can be used both internally and externally. For instance, you can use it as mouthwash – in the case of gingivitis, or inflammation of the mouth and throat. Yet still the most common use of it is in cosmetics. Aromatic water can represent excellent cosmetic agent for cleaning and nurture of skin.


If you can’t find adequate water, you can prepare it yourself. Although it will differ from the real hydrolates, since it does not contain any active ingredients of the plant from whom it was created. Aromatic water must be kept in bottles made of dark glass to reduce the effect of light on the product, and this way it can last for two or three weeks. If stored at lower temperatures (fridge)it is going to be good for month.

For oily skin

To prevent the creation of excess sebum, typical for this type of skin, you should treat the sebaceous glands. Apply aromatic lavender water once a day (six to eight drops per 300 ml of distilled water), lemon (eight drops per 300 ml of distilled water) and lemon balm (six to eight drops per 300 ml of distilled water). Lavender stimulates circulation and regenerates skin cells. Lemon tightens and purifies the skin, while lemon balm balances the amount of sebum in oiliest skin types.

For dry skin with redness

For this type of skin aromatic water has a calming effect, it relieves redness and dryness. In this case the recommended aromatic water is distilled water (300 mL) enriched with rose (three drops), roman chamomile (eight drops) or orange flower (six drops).

Excessive sweating

Many have problems with excessive sweating during the summer. Salvia officinalis is the truly right essence for the case of excessive sweating. Dissolve five-set drops of essence in 250 ml of distilled water and spray the critical parts of the body at least a few times a day. This will solve the problem of sweating and odor as well.