How To Lose Weight In Your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

While ageing, the metabolism slows down; the proportion of muscle mass is getting reduced, and your body becomes a friendly zone for an accumulation of extra pounds. However, if you’re consuming enough proteins and you’re active, you can slow down that unwanted process. Find out the best way to lose as much weight as you can in every decade of your life.

Try everything you can in your 20’s

With no children and husband, most of the women in their 20’s eat outside with their friends wherever they want. Remember, by eating out you consume more calories than when you cook for yourself. However, you’re probably not ready to give up your social life just because of few extra pounds, but there is a solution.

In almost every restaurant you can find healthier meal, so pick one or eat only half of portion of the less healthy one. One of the problems specific for the 20’s is skipping meals and that leads to over-eating.

Remember, your body is smart and if you didn’t take in enough calories you will be hungry at night when it is least desirable to eat. You should try as much training in your 20’s to get into routine suitable for you. The recommended dose is 4 cardio workouts per week lasting 30-45 minutes. At the end, exercise your stomach muscles.


Interval training in 30’s

Women that recently became mothers hardly have time and strength to wash their hair or just get enough sleep. But in bigger cities there are training centers where you can exercise even with your child.

If you don’t have that possibility, you can always exercise with video guide while your baby is sleeping.

It’s also highly recommended that after giving birth you go out for long walks because you’ll get into desired shape faster. If you want to stay in shape you need to pay attention to your diet. Instead of hamburgers, you should eat pasta with tomato sauce or canned tuna with some salad.

In your 30’s it’s recommended to do interval workouts with combined – harder and easier exercises such as circular training. That way you can reduce fat significantly and build some muscle. Pay close attention to your belly, biceps, back and but.

Loss of muscle mass in 40’s

If you don’t embrace exercise, your muscle mass will decrease and your metabolism will slow down. Don’t forget that extra pounds in the second half of your life can be much more harmful to your health than when you were younger.

You should also avoid frozen or delivered food. Make plans and choose what’s easy and healthy to prepare for dinner, and keep in mind that the tuna sandwich or a chicken sandwich are better than, for example, delivered Chinese food or frozen pizza.

In your 40’s the metabolism slows down by 10%. Your muscles are getting smaller and fat begins to accumulate, especially around waist. These are the most important years for you when it comes to exercise and staying healthy. Take 2 or 3 days a week to do some aerobic activities, about 45 – 60 minutes per day. Choose fast walking or easy running and do some power boosting training.