How To Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

As much as women are eager to lose weight that they gained during the pregnancy, it is important for them to know that they need minerals and vitamins, so their body can get back in shape. A healthy diet is crucial, and the first six months after birth are the most important. It is likely that the way you eat for the first six months, will stick with you for a lifetime.

For starters it is very important to remove all the junk food from the refrigerator, and fill it with healthy foods, which will help to quickly satisfy hunger just as the junk food used to. The less junk food you have in the house, the less you will consume it, and that will help you significantly when it comes to getting back to desired shape.

Make sure that your refrigerator is filled with milk, nuts, raw fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese with less fat and whole wheat pasta.

Diet should always start with healthy foods. If you want to naturally figure out how to lose weight after giving birth, be sure to listen to your body and its needs.


So when you go to eat, first think if you are really hungry or you’re just bored. Also if you go to the fridge to deal with hunger, do it with that food that you actually crave.

Absolutely always avoid diets that seek starvation. Starvation is not healthy or desirable for any organism, so how could be for yours. With such diets your body will rapidly lose weight, but at the same time it will restore lost weight as soon as you stop the diet. On the other side your body needs to be supplied with essential vitamins and minerals to keep it in top shape for breastfeeding as well as recovery.

Many diets limit the intake of fruits and carbohydrates that you certainly need after the birth of a child. And for every new mother carbohydrates are very much needed, because they will provide the energy needed for the body, giving you much needed fiber and making you feel full.

Carbohydrates that you can avoid without any negative effects are the one from rice, white flour and pasta. Skip them and replace them with products from whole grains. Don’t set unreachable goals and expectations and be sure to give yourself enough time.

Also you should be aware that once you recover from the childbirth you will have a lot more work around the baby and your house, meaning that you will be exercising lot more and maybe not even be aware of it. Going for a walk regularly with your baby is one of those exercises that will benefit you and your child. The baby will eat and sleep better after spending time out in the open and you will lose some of that excess weight.