How To Keep Baby Teeth Healthy

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Baby teeth provide proper chewing and speech, the proper development of orofacial system and they keep space for proper positioning of permanent teeth. For proper development of permanent teeth later, it is important that the oral cavity in which they will grow is completely healthy. Therefore parents should pay special attention to proper hygiene and care of the baby teeth of their children.

Dental treatment

Bad baby tooth can cause pain to a child, and later, problems with chewing, speech and even normal functioning and development. So it is extremely important that any baby tooth that is affected by caries gets cured, because it can be transferred to the permanent teeth, as this is an infectious disease. In cases where the treatment is impossible, such teeth should be removed.

Bad habits

It is general recommendation that before the appearance of the first tooth gums should be cleaned with clean gauze, and brushing should begin as soon as the first baby tooth appears in the mouth. Children should not be given sweetened drinks, especially not to drink them from a feeding bottle.


It is also bad habit to give a child a pacifier dipped in honey, so that the child would accept it more easily and thus easier fell asleep. It is necessary that the pacifier is perfectly clean when given to the baby, and the first check up at the dentist should be when child turns one year.

Why are baby teeth so perishable?

Baby teeth have smaller and shorter crowns than permanent teeth because the child’s oral cavity during this period is smaller.

They are whiter than permanent, as their enamel is less transparent and less mineralized than enamel of permanent teeth.

Enamel and dentin of deciduous teeth are very thin, and that is the reason why caries develops so quickly. Also their pulp (the core of the tooth) is very voluminous.

This is a sensitive part of the tooth which contains nerve endings and blood vessels, and that is the reason why decay of primary teeth can cause so many complications, discomfort and pain.

Why to avoid feeding bottles as a way to put your child to sleep

When the child is put asleep with bottle in which there is milk, juice or sweetened water, sugar from liquid precipitates (mostly on top front teeth) while the child is sleeping. The bacteria that normally exist in the oral cavity feed on sugar and turn it into acid, which causes caries.

To prevent caries, children should brush teeth every morning and every night before bed. If the child is thirsty, give him water instead of soda and sugary drinks. It is also important to visit the dentist and solve the problem before the emergence of the first permanent teeth (lower sixth) in order to provide a healthy environment for their emergence.