How To Grow Turmeric

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Instead of buying this popular spice, take the challenge – we’ll show you how to grow turmeric in the pot so you can consume this fresh and healthy root right from your own garden. Turmeric (Siamese tulip) is perennial evergreen plant of the ginger family that comes from Thailand. From its rhizome when boiled, dried and grounded spice is produced.

This spice is in strong yellow color, bit of hot and bitter taste, it is indispensable part of eastern cosine and main ingredient of spice mixture known as curry. It is very interesting for flower fans that this plant, that can grow up to one meter, is exceptionally easy to grow and looks very attractive, so why not to combine pleasant and nice with useful.

Lately turmeric can be bought in bigger nursery gardens, but if you can’t find one, you can grow one from rhizome that you buy in healthy food stores. Before, planted bulbs should be placed in plastic bag and stored in dark place. After couple of weeks, sprouts will appear and after that you can put bulbs in the pot filled with mixture of humus and sand. Place couple of stones on bottom of the pot or broken tile for the drainage.

Keep the pot in bright and warm place (you can take it outside) in half-shadow and water it regularly. It takes roughly ten months for the turmeric rhizome to become ready for use. In the meantime you will have a plant with beautiful flowers, pink most often, although there are varieties with dark red and white petals. After this highlight comes downfall, when the plant is over blooming which leads to drying of the leaves.


Root is then ready for use – grind it and it is ready to be used in meals, but leave one part of the bulbs to rest in pot, so the plant would start new cycle.

Hibernation lasts for a month, and even though the plant loves the heat, after that it will grow even if the temperature is low.

Don’t water it during the hibernation, however when hibernation passes, start watering and move it to warmer place. As soon as outside temperature rises, take it outside again and leave it to grow its beautiful flowers.

During the developing phase soil must be kept moist, but not too much so the bulb would not rot. You will benefit in numerous ways and you can even show your friends how to grow turmeric.

Turmeric has numerous benefits, and that fact was known in ancient India. Since that time it was used for skin, lung, liver and digestive system diseases, pain killing and wound healing. It is filled with B3, B6 and C vitamin, and with minerals potassium, iron and manganese.

When it is used for immunity boost, adults should be taking one teaspoon a day, while children and elderly only half of it. To multiply curcumin effect (curcumin is active ingredient of turmeric that has strong antioxidant properties and strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect) take it with grounded black pepper because it increases bioavailability of turmeric for as much as 2000%. Now we gave you everything you need to know on how to grow turmeric, it’s up to you to put it in action.