How To Easily Find The Perfect Swimsuit For Your Body Shape

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Finally the world’s designers realized that not all of the women have great body and they offered models of swimsuits that looks nice on the ladies with feminine curves. We give you these few tips, that will help you when choosing the perfect swimsuit just for your body shape.

Swimwear for luscious breasts

What to look for: The key thing is the collarbone (wire), but it is important that the straps are wide and adjustable, also that buckets are finely sewn and hard, so that they are able to hold fine and slightly raise the breasts (but not too much). Some other characteristics may be helpful: the swimming suit needs to have a high cutout, to cover the armpit nicely, and rails with a wide belt under the breasts would also come in handy.

You should not run away from bikinis, in some cases ladies with dense breasts look better in a bikini, but also in one-piece bathing suit because it has support for the breast in the form of a wide belt that goes all the way back.

What you should avoid: Scant models with a large and wide neckline and without support, such as the upper parts that look like triangles.


Swimwear for broad and full hips and thighs

What to look for: costume with striking details that draw attention to the area above the waist – vibrant colors, deep neckline, metal decoration and so on.

In the lower part, select a model that is cut like arch and reaches approximately 2.5 cm south of the hip.

The lower part that has a supplement in the form of skirts, hides hips. And a cut-out in a form of a letter A, slit or wrinkled tend to make this model look modern.

What you should avoid: boyish shorts, one-piece models with side cutouts, the decorations on lower parts, especially ornaments such as metal alkyl.

Swimwear for a fuller waist

What to look for: models that slide over the middle part or one-piece models that are plated in the front part or of a material that has a texture or built-in support that will “suck” the bulge. And no, there is no need to avoid bikini. Select models that have highly tailored bottom (wide belt) which are crimped or have more layers so that you’ll be able to cover what you do not want to show.

What you should avoid: Tight, tight tankinies, models with embellishments at the waist and lower parts or a thong.

Swimsuit for a flat figure

What to look for: Three-dimensional details: pleats, rings, pads and strong prints that will make a plane figure look richer. Lower parts with decorations draw attention to the thighs and waist.

What you should avoid: Models that emphasize straight lines with vertical lines or sharp square cutouts on the neckline and monochrome models, which have no texture and detail. Images published by some reputable magazines are evidence of just how good selection of swimsuit models can make a difference.