How To Deal With Pet Hair

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Removing dog and cat hair from furniture can easily be solved by restricting movement and prohibiting climbing on furniture, but that’s easier said than done, at least for most of us. However, you should be consistent and teach your pet from an early age what it can and what it can’t do.

It is a sad home that has no dog and cat hair! This is very familiar saying among pet owners that best describes one of the almost inevitable problems that comes with having a dog or/and a cat.

No matter how hard you try, hair will always be somewhere around, mostly on carpets, furniture and clothes.The darker color they are made of, the problem is more obvious. In this article we’ll talk about this problem and we’ll give you several tips how to get rid of them in the easiest possible way:

Do not wait for tomorrow! As soon as you notice hair, get to work. Regularly brush your pet, and we advise you to do it outside of your home.


If you do it in an apartment / house, it will require vacuuming right after!

How often do you brush your dog depends on the breed, but the general rule is that short-haired dogs and cats are brushed once a week, while the majority of medium and long-haired pets should be brushed every day.

If you do not want to have hair all over the place confine animals from the areas you want protected. Prevent them from climbing on chairs, sofas and other furniture. Like we said be consistent and train your pet from an early age!

The second tip can be difficult to put into practice mainly because it is hard to resist your pet when it looks at you with those sad eyes asking for little pampering while you watch television. If you are too soft be sure to put the blanket on furniture so the blanket collects the hair. The hair still might spread but not nearly as much. Also, the blanket is easier to shake out and / or wash, than for example, upholstered sofa.

Before vacuuming upholstered furniture brushing is required, or use the old trick with rubber gloves where you lightly soak them in water and gently go over the furniture.

The hair will stick to the gloves which you rinse and repeat the process, until you can’t see the hair anymore. There are gloves designed for the collection of hair at certain stores. Whatever you use at the end, your furniture will require vacuuming. The other solution is to buy a leather upholstered furniture or leather imitation, because it is easier to clean!

Hair from clothing can be easily removed by purchasing rolls with adhesive strips designed to remove hair, or you can use a duct tape to remove it. Just take a peace and stick it and pull it from the clothes you are cleaning until you are satisfied with the result.