How To Avoid Hunger

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Learn all about the satiety index

How many times did you feel hungry shortly after the big meal? It has been only an hour and you are already reaching for snacks to fill the gap in the stomach. This is not so good if you want to lose excess pounds. The good news is that there is something called the satiety index, which can help to correctly choose foods that will make you feel full for a longer time, thus keep you away from all unnecessary snacking until the next meal.

In the mid nineties, Dr. Susanna Holt developed satiety index, which is a system of ranking foods in relation to its ability to keep us satiated.

Researchers have come up with interesting results. Foods that have the same number of calories do not ensure the same feeling of satiety.

Landmark in the study was white bread, which makes us feel 100% satiated. All foods whose value is above this one, have the ability keep you satiated for a longer time, while those with a lower index of 100 induce feeling of hunger faster.


What foods have high index of satiety?

Here are some foods that, if properly combined and consumed, can put off hunger for longer period.

The greatest ability to make you feel full for a long time have boiled white potatoes (323) which take first place in the index of satiety ranking. Although it has power to fill you up as much as three times higher than white bread, it is not recommended in chrono diet, except for malnourished people.

Fish (225), boiled or grilled. It is rich in healthy fats, which will quickly satiate you and provide with some of the most important nutrients. Proteins found in fish take longer time to digest, so you will be full longer.

Eggs (150) referred to as “the perfect protein”. If you decide to eat them for breakfast, you probably will be satiated until lunch. Their protective power lies in the fact that along with proteins, eggs contain all nine amino acids.

Oatmeal (209) – If you have the habit of eating cereal or muesli for breakfast, consider replacing them with oatmeal. It has great power to suppress the feeling of hunger, even twice as much as muesli (100). Also it provides you with more protein than any other cereal, at the same time being very rich in fiber.

Brown pasta (from permitted cereals) (188) has a rather high index of satiety and it is a good choice for breakfast. In addition, it is good to know that pasta provides energy, increases good mood thanks to the amino-acid tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin that’s responsible for the feeling of happiness, and it is easy to digest.

Beef (176) on a scale of satiety index comes right after the fish. It is full of protein and trace elements such as zinc and iron.

In nonrestrictive period:

Beans (168) – Due to the high content of fiber, which the stomach absorbs more slowly, beans will keep satiated for long time.

Oranges (202) and apples (197) have the ability to keep you full more than any other fruit. Even more than banana whose satiety index is 118. This is due to the high content of water. Right after oranges and apples come grapes with satiety index of 162.