Herbs That Fight Pneumonia

Photo credit:Pixabay

Photo credit:Pixabay

There are many precious plants that treat respiratory organs, dissolve mucus, relieves cough, have beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the bronchi and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. Outbreaks of pneumonia usually begins in the fall, it develops gradually and lasts for several months, until spring. It is an infectious disease of the lower, deep parts of the respiratory tract.

It usually occurs in children and people older than 65 years and is caused by different types of bacteria and other microorganisms, such as viruses or fungi. Disease can be recognized by a strong and long-lasting chest pain, fever, cough and shortness of breath. Symptoms vary depending on the drivers of inflammation, and they are similar to other, less dangerous conditions such as colds and flu, so many patients do not pay the necessary attention.

Well-timed diagnosis of the disease is of great importance, and the advice is to visit a doctor as soon as first symptoms occur. With medication prescribed by modern medicine one should use natural herbal products. Here are some of them:


Tea from the flowers is good for the treatment of severe colds, bronchitis, cough, flu and pneumonia.


Preparation: pour liter of boiling water over 10 grams of elder blossom, cover and leave for half an hour.

Drink every 2 hours cup of tea sweetened with honey. This drink stimulates sweating and lowers high body temperature.


Marshmallow has a beneficial effect on all diseases of the respiratory tract, relieves cough, bronchitis and pulmonary catarrh. Because of the high percentage of starch in the roots, which prevents the release of mucus, marshmallow tea is prepared with cold water.

Preparation: Pour 2 dl of cold water over tablespoon of chopped marshmallow and stir occasionally, let it stand for 2-3 hours. Strain.


Onion is traditionally used to for stuffy nose and to ease coughing in the case of colds, sneezing and pneumonia. Preparation: chop whole onion to smallest possible pieces, put on it spoon of honey, stir and pour 2 dl of water.

Let it sit for about an hour or two, preferably blend it in blender, strain through a cloth and drink. After 20 min cough will stop. For inflammation of the respiratory organs cut onion in half and inhale scent through your nose and mouth. Repeat the process 3-4 times a day.


Two or three garlic cloves a day prevent pneumonia.

Preparation: to stop the cough, chop it and mix with honey. When boiling 3 or 4 garlic in 1 liter of vinegar, with six tablespoons of honey you’ll get the cure for chest pain.

Ground ivy

Leaf and flower of ground ivy is used against diseases of mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and it is excellent cleaner of bronchi.

Preparation: patients are recommended to drink 30-50 g ground ivy fresh juice, which is mixed with an equal amount of sugar syrup or some fruit juice.


Echinacea tea relieves cough and headache and strengthens the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory and healing properties; it relieves symptoms of lung inflammation and accelerates healing.

Preparation: in a liter of boiling water put 30-50 g of chopped root of Echinacea and leave to cool down. Take 2 dl, 3-5 times a day.