Healthy Replacement For Pasta

Photo credit: Pixabay

Since the pasta in chrono diet is not allowed for lunch and dinner, we tried to find an adequate replacement for it. So try zucchini spaghetti and we guarantee you’ll like them.

Lot of people have no problem giving up carbohydrates in form of sweets, however, the pasta is usually weak side. Although lot of us might be aware that pasta is enemy number one in battle for slim figure, only few can resist it? We found a solution in form of zucchini spaghetti. In addition to the vegetables, you will need a shredder or grater.

Pasta you can eat and lose weight

Daily consumption of zucchini gives your organism dietary fibers, which stimulate digestion, prevent constipation and clean bowel of toxins.


It contains a very small amount of calories (only 17 in 100 grams), and it is therefore recommended in diets for weight loss and of course in chrono diet.

It is a natural diuretic, and in folk medicine it is used to eject excess fluid from the body. It lowers cholesterol and purifies blood. Zucchini contains significant amounts of vitamin B and C, manganese and potassium.

How do you prepare zucchini spaghetti?

For one serving of this dish you will need two medium sized zucchini. First peel and wash them and then cut them in vegetable cutter into thin strips that look like spaghetti. You can serve them raw or cooked over low heat.

Raw zucchini

Once you cut raw zucchini, soak them in juice squeezed from half of a lemon and leave to marinate for five minutes. Since the flavor of zucchini is very mild, they can be combined with various ingredients such as basil, garlic, tomato, avocado or olive oil.

How to cook them?

If you are not a fan of raw food, zucchini can be cooked. You can cook them separately in salt water, but no longer than three minutes – otherwise it will overcook and fall apart. Other solution is that you add them to the sauce for few minutes before it’s cooked.

How to fry them?

Simply cut them into thin strips, season with salt sea salt so they release water, fry on low heat for three minutes and serve with your favorite chrono sauce.
How to store them?

Zucchini are perishable vegetables, they should be stored unwashed in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for no longer than seven days. If they are prepared as pasta you can store them up to three days in the fridge. The slightest damage to the shiny skin of the vegetables very quickly leads to its deterioration. Zucchini can be frozen easily with the prior blanching.