Health From Your Own Garden

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Hearing about all unhealthy additives and methods used to treat fruits and vegetables, it seems like an awesome idea to have your own garden, whether on the piece of land behind the house or in the pots on the balcony. Whatever it is, it seems like one of the best solutions for trying to eat healthy. When saying healthy we mean unpolluted, not filled with harmful chemical components, grown as it supposed to be in the nature.

Modern science reveals that plants in their composition have everything we need to survive on this planet and that the healthiest food is the one that our ancestors chose instinctively. Growing plants on our own, in biological way is the best recipe we can afford to avoid diseases and food disorders created by eating unhealthy.

Only 4% of the tumors are caused by what we breathe, while 30 % are created by bad eating habits. Phytochemicals from vegetables and fruits protect us from diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and many others.

World health organization is saying that 400 g of fruit and vegetables a day will lower your cholesterol, stabilize glycemia, reduce triglycerides in blood, prevent diabetes type 2 and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Fruits and vegetables strengthen immune system, help organism to resist psychophysical stress, have anti-inflammatory effect and improve blood circulation.

Seasonal fruits are the best

Even though big stores offer everything throughout whole year, we should take into consideration that fruits and vegetables that are not seasonal come from foreign countries, where different policies stand when it comes to growing them. Long transport and treatment against decay lower the quality of the product.

Shortest chain

Domestic garden, even from a pot, is shortest chain that exists since the producer and consumer are the same person. We know what and how we grow it, we pick only what we need at the moment so we don’t have to stack it in the fridge.
Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and elements that get lost couple of days after picking, so consuming them right after picking is the best way to get maximum out of them.

Plants had time to learn

Why 90% of pharmacologist products “lend” plant properties? One of the reasons is because plants are present on our planet around three billion years. For that time they learned how to fight diseases and pests by going through numerous transformations, changing its flavor and smell that differs them from the others, repel vermin and prevent destruction of the species. Knowing that, it is not hard to conclude why plans are solutions for most of our health issues.

How plants make us younger

Phytochemical compounds developed in plants help them fight pests and disease. Many of them have proven biological activity in human organism. They are classified in numerous families and classes. The biggest family is polyphenols and among them there are flavonoids responsible for biochemical reactions that have strong antioxidants effect.