How To Get Rid Of Addiction

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Photo credit: Bigstock

Addiction, susceptibility to a harmful habit, takes many forms. Along with the overall classification to physical and psychological dependence, there are addictions regarding alcohol, drugs, internet, cigarettes, candy, coffee, games, gambling, shopping, etc. Some types of addictions are socially acceptable, while others are not. Find out how to cure addiction with the help of alternative methods.

Addiction is the road that people in most cases choose consciously. Only way to get rid of it is to firmly wish to move in the opposite direction. If a person does not want to get rid of the addiction no one else can help. However, if a person truly wants to be cured, there are a few ways to help him or her using alternative methods:

1.Strengthening will

Attitude is essential. Person must have strong desire to resolve addiction. He can work on his attitude, and can be helped by his family and friends. However, there are methods that can directly or subtly act on our consciousness and subconsciousness. For this purpose you may use: affirmations, subliminal messages, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional release techniques and psychotherapy.

2.Food supplements

Noni is probably the No.1 herb for quitting addiction in the world. It contains proxeronine, which is converted into xeronine in the body.


Xeronine is naturally present in the body and plays an important role in biochemical processes.

Structure of alkaloids, such as nicotine, and other addictive substances is very similar to the structure of xeronine.

When alkaloids enter the blood, the body begins to use them in biochemical processes instead of xeronine. If a person succeed to abstain from substances, after some time body will again begin to use xeronine. Therefore, taking xeronin can help fight addiction. Another dietary supplements used for the treatment of addiction are: the barley grass, kava kava, Ashwagandha and aloe.


Dr Wen uncovered back in 1972. that stimulating certain points on body may release his patients of withdrawal symptoms of addiction. Later studies have been conducted on 40 addicts. Results confirmed that acupuncture can indeed facilitate the withdrawal symptoms of addiction.


For many years people are exploring the possibilities of homeopathy in the treatment of addiction. Most efficient use of homeopathic preparations is to find a cure that exactly matches the symptoms of certain diseases.

Here is a list of some homeopathic remedies that can be used in the treatment of addiction mainly alcohol food and tobacco: Avena Sativa (alcohol addiction), Bryonia Alba (food addiction), Carbolicum Acidum (alcohol and tobacco addiction), Nux Vomica (coffee, alcohol and tobacco addiction)
Preparations for quitting tobacco addiction

Coltsfoot juice – for breathing disturbances and chronic coughing caused by smoking take the juice of coltsfoot fresh leaves. On daily bases take 2-3 teaspoons of juice with soup or milk.

Licorice root – licorice root looks like a cigarette, so you can always keep one peace nearby and use it as a substitute for a cigarette. It is harmless if used in reasonable amount (up to three cups of tea a day, up to 6 weeks of continuous use), otherwise it can have side effects.

Calamus root – take a piece of dry calamus root and chew it good, suck the juice, and spit remaining. Do this several times a day when you want to smoke a cigarette. After several days, smoking a cigarette becomes unpleasant, so it is easier to quit.

Apples – during the first month eat a few apples a day. They extinguish the desire for smoking.

Eucalyptus – Take one tablespoon of eucalyptus leaf and pour it with half a liter of boiling water, leave it for an hour, add a tablespoon of honey. Take a quarter of a cup 7 times a day. Treatment time is 30 days.

Sunflower seeds – nibbling sunflower seeds can help quitting cigarettes. It contains oil and vitamin B group.

Blackberry buds – Hold in your mouth young and tender blackberry bud and nibble it gently. The taste is bitter and sweet at the same time; it creates aversion to tobacco and thereby reduces the desire for a cigarette, at least while holding the bud in your mouth.

Preparations for quitting alcohol addiction

Thyme – take handful of this plant and put it in the water to boil. Leave for 2-3 minutes, strain and pour into a thermos bottle. Every 10-15 minutes take one sip. As a reaction to this medicine it is possible that person might vomit, experience nausea, frequent stool, urination, increased sweating, increased appetite and a strong thirst will occur. Therapy lasts until there is no desire for alcohol.

Honey – take 3 times 6 teaspoon of honey per 20 min. After three hours, repeat the procedure. The next day before noon taken 3 times 6 teaspoon per 20 minutes, before a meal take another 4 teaspoons, and after a meal again take 4 teaspoons. This is where therapy ends. This method cured many alcoholics completely.