General Beauty “Maintenance”

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

The skin is exposed to daily changes and reacts to sun, wind, as well as temperature fluctuations. Spring is the season in which the skin has the most difficulties to adjust, because it goes from closed rooms out in the sun and fresh air. The abundance of light in the spring reveals all the shortcomings of the skin.

Tiny wrinkles, black spots on the chin and nose, facial hair, all becomes more noticeable. The color of the face is grayish or yellowish. The skin of the face and the body is often rough and deeply dehydrated. The pores are filled with particles of soot, smoke and dust and all that makes it impossible for skin to breathe properly and get supplied with oxygen.

It is not uncommon that the ladies, who otherwise have flawless skin, in this period complain about “impossible” acne. Even with a thick layer of makeup one cannot camouflage all of the above. If you have these or similar skin problems the simplest solution is to visit the beauty salon where they will prepare your skin for spring days.

Beautician will first tell you to thoroughly clean the skin by microdermabrasion, diamond abrasion, ultrasonic peeling or exfoliation (removal of skin layers that do not allow skin to breathe). Your skin may need chemical peel, innovative and safe treatment that guarantees biorevitalization, lifting and removing dead cells and all in one session.

Depending on skin type and the type of problem you are having, your beautician will recommend you a full range of highly effective and affordable treatments. These treatments will help to remove all the dead cells from the skin surface which deprived it from shine and prevented complete absorption of cosmetic products.


Oxygen Radiance

We cannot help but mention the oxygen therapy. It’s natural, regenerative treatment that will encourage the revitalization of the whole organism and slow down aging.

This treatment is designed for all skin types, especially sensitive, tired, and skin under stress, UV radiation and skin of a smoker.

Oxygen skin treatment restores energy and radiance. Face after this treatment radiates with freshness and beauty.

This treatment meets the needs of your skin for hydration and it returns the tone, rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles, stimulates collagen production and skin resistance to external influences.

One and only “elixir of youth”

Cleansing treatment of the skin can be extended with mesotherapy treatment without needles. It is one of the most effective methods of skin rejuvenation that makes your skin smoother and younger after the first treatment. Mesotherapy, with the help of mild electrical impulses enters active matter into the skin to the required depth without pain and risk.

This very effective treatment will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin and it will remove finer wrinkles and reduce deep wrinkles, facial skin will be tightened and scars or visible pores will be reduced. Treatments of mesotherapy are done with the help of gel that contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins or minerals.

Required home care

All these treatments listed above will be effective if you regularly, at least twice a day, care for yourself at home. Change your regular cosmetics with the advice of your beautician and adjust it to spring conditions. Be sure to start using tonics and serums, if you didn’t already start. Remove makeup every night. Be sure to start using a day cream with SPF 15, even when the weather is cloudy. Try to change diet and adjust yourself to the richness of spring foods.