Forget About Boots And Gloves

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Spring has come, and with it came time for manicure and pedicure. Imagine the perfect spring outfit ruined by poor choice of accessories. It takes so little for the perfect look, so take that effort.


Goodbye boots, welcome sandals. Before you decide to put on sandals, make sure to schedule an appointment for a pedicure and take full treatment, from massages to nail varnish. Your feet, after days and days spent in boots need and deserve that.

Home pedicure for pretty feet

After the first professional treatment, you can do pedicure yourself at home. It is very easy if you follow these steps:

1. Before applying new polish always remove old one. Also avoid strong acetone so you don’t damage the nails.

2. Remove the cuticle by softening them first and then give them gently push. For softening you can use olive oil.


3. Before manicure make sure to exfoliate your feet to remove dead cells. Then remove rough and dry skin, with a stone or a rasp designed for it.

4. After that, gently massage your feet and apply a moisturizer. Rub extra cream into the cuticle.

5. Shape and polish toe nails but be sure not to cut too much in order to have a basis for polishing. Cut nails straight to avoid ingrowths. Shape nails straight and gently round them off at the ends.

6. Toenails are little greasier, and before painting remove excess grease with body lotions or lotions for face cleansing – varnish will adhere better. It takes longer to dry toenails when polished and always use formula: base coat – nail polish – top coat.


Hidden beneath the gloves or in the pockets, they could hardly wait first spring rays of the sun. And while we give maximum attention to the face, we neglected hands, which is wrong. Hands also need attention.


Hydration is the most important thing for hands, and you need to do it regularly. Hands are often exposed to all weather conditions.

By the spring time, the skin is chapped and rough. Hydration is the best solution. Invest in a good day cream, use it daily and moisturize your hands few times during the day.

When ti’s time for bed moisturize again. Once a week give them warm bath and gentle exfoliation. While performing household chores always protect them with gloves.


Neat and beautiful nails say a lot about our hygiene habits. It takes just a few steps to have beautiful nails:

1. Before bedtime rub cuticle with a small amount of Vaseline or castor oil to make it soft and moisturized.

2. Gently push the skin of cuticles away, never cut them!

3. Feed nails from the inside, which means that you have to take in enough vitamins and minerals, which will strengthen your nails. If you have white spots on the nails is a sign that you lack zinc. Proteins are also great for nails.

4. When you file your nails, file the unidirectional, otherwise they will split.

5. Do not file your nails when they are wet, because they will split faster.

6. Varnish the nails properly if you want them to last longer: base coat, varnish and then top coat.

7. From time to time rest your nails from varnish and feed them with creams and masks.