Five Styles That Will Make You Shine On Every Date

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Whether we like to admit it or not, clothes speaks for us, so deciding what to wear is very important. Depending on the message you want to send to a man sitting opposite of you, you should choose the styling that will achieve the desired effect and, as always, look sensational.

First date style

On a first date, except for the choice of place, choosing the right styling is very important. You don’t want to show much, but you still want to be irresistible. The first rule that should be followed is certainly not to show too much skin, but that does not mean that you have to button up to the neck.

For a first date, put on the classic fashion pieces like a simple silk tops with thin straps, and with that you can wear unavoidable black jacket. Break black palette with imaginative skirt of striking colors, for example silver, and round up combination with sexy high heel ankle boots and a long necklace.

Wardrobe that says ‘I want to be friends’


Even though you want to send him friendly signals, you still want to look enticing, right? If you want to be trendy and act confident, this is opportunity to try bold new trends such as pants with prints and over-sized vests. Add another great t-shirt to this combination, striking earrings and daily variation of heels and you’re ready to go.

Anniversary celebration

Celebration of the anniversary is the perfect opportunity to look awesome and at the same time very seductive, but also elegant.

When selecting styling on the anniversary, do not forget that this is a special occasion that requires carefully chosen pieces.

Conveniently start with classic red dress that follows the line of the body, which outlines the attributes and hides flaws. Combine classic pumps and discreet shiny earrings with your favorite dress.

Add grayish coat and knee-length black-lacquered pouch with white polka dots to avoid the impression of seriousness.

Home date

If you decided to spend evening evening at home, it does not mean that you can put on sweats and sneakers. It is a perfect time for combination of casual and comfortable, but with a touch of elegance. An excellent choice is classic black jeans with carrots cut, soft and comfortable sweater, modern patent ballet shoes with a small heel and imaginative necklace. Do not forget what you wear under your clothes, so reach for a nice and soft satin bra and panties.

Surprise date

If your partner has decided to prepare surprise and you do not know where you’re going and what you can expect the right choice is multi-functional combination with base black color. Best choice are comfortable pants, weir black shoes with full heels which are wearable on all occasions.

Put on a black top with some interesting detail and black leather jacket that can be used for both casual and for more elegant outings. Break this idyllic black combination with very long brown purse.