Face Is The Mirror Of Your Body’s State

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

The gastric ailments are becoming a pressing problem in Western societies. People mostly heal them with pills that are accessible without a prescription. The truth is that many of these symptoms can easily be solved by changing the few things in your life – exercise more, eat healthier, get more sleep, etc. The first symptoms can be read from the face, which will tell you what’s wrong with your stomach.

What is your face telling you?


It was all the way in 1930, when stomach issues were associated with skin issues, and modern research has confirmed the importance of these connections.

Today there are numerous epidemiological evidence that if you want to solve problems with skin, you must first heal stomach.

The most common and the most obvious example of these problems are acne on the forehead.


Although, they may be caused by problems with the liver, meaning that acne arises when the body can’t get rid of accumulated toxins, more often it is a matter of the digestive system. The digestive problems are also indicated by arising horizontal lines on the forehead.

Clogged nose

Although it is difficult to link the occurrence of acid in stomach with clogged nose, it may be the case. Clogged nose, sinusitis, and many other respiratory problems can be caused by GERD – gastro esophageal reflux diseases in which gastric content gets back into the esophagus.

Normally, the fluid from the nose gets down into the throat and esophagus, from which it descends into the stomach and, as a result of reflux, goes back all the way to the nose, where it can cause inflammation. To get rid of this severe acid supplementation, the body produces more mucus which leads to congestion problems.

People with poor digestive health cannot absorb all the nutrients from the food, which weakens the immune system, and it just becomes more prone to colds and viruses.


Eyes are not just a mirror of the soul, but also the way experts read digestive problems. For starters, dark circles, which remain stubbornly in place, no matter how much you sleep, may be an indication of intolerance to certain foods. It is recommended that if you have such a problem, firstly remove dairy products and cereals from your diet, and check whether dark circles will vanish after some time.

Another culprit that can cause dark circles around the eyes can indeed be alcohol, so reduce its intake. About 10% of people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease experience some kind of eye problems (usually inflammation such as conjunctivitis), but almost all of them are easily treated.


If your face recently got rounded and you didn’t gain any weight, your body might be telling you that your digestive system is not like it used to be. Gastrointestinal problems can occur up to six times more often among women than men, so woman face often looks older than men even though they are the same age.


An increasing number of people are struggling with eczema – rash that is itchy, and difficult to treat long-term. Common treats for eczema do not work because dealing with rash does not solve the main cause of its occurrence. Eczema as most skin diseases, is caused by deeper, internal imbalance, which usually comes from bad digestion, which again is preceded by a poor diet, accompanied by excessive weight.