Bichon – the Prince and the Pauper

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

History shows that once upon a time bichons were the pride of Mediterranean kingdoms. However, at one point they stooped so low that they were known only as circus dogs. Today, in modern times, they are among the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are small and usually white as snow. They never, or very rarely, bark. Bichons are attached to their family and love to play.

This charming little dog is not aggressive or loud which makes them perfect if you live in an apartment. It is easy to get along with them because they are very cheerful and confident. They are easy to train and they’re always ready to comply to anyone in order to receive love and attention. It is a dog that likes to make people happy.

In addition to the usual obligations, you have to pay attention to one thing: do not allow them to develop a small dog syndrome. It is a syndrome where the dog believes he is a leader of the pack. It can cause a range of behavioral problems such as constant barking, anxiety due to loneliness, distrust to strangers, and even biting.

These are not the characteristics of the bichon, but occur due to improper relationship between a dog and a man.


If you are a stable, confident, calm, consistent owner of your dog, and if you provide him with daily long family walks, it will be an ideal small pet – very stable, very reliable and very sweet!

They are naturally sociable and are happiest when they are with their family, from whom they expect to take them along pretty much anywhere. They get along well with other dogs, other animals and children. They are very obedient; know how to pay attention to unusual noises, and they learn tricks easily.

This breed accepts the terms of indoor space and they not require yard, but they need a daily walk. Playing inside meets part of their needs for physical exercise but without walking they’ll go through a lot of suffering. If you train him enough, is unlikely that the dog will exhibit challenging behavior. You can let him run freely in a safe and open space.

It is small breed of dog, weighing between 5-10 kilos and growing to the height at the withers of 23-30 centimeters. His coat is strong and curly, and can be white, apricot or black. This breed should be regularly combed and bathed. Experts recommend at least once a month. Professional haircut is recommended every four weeks.

Meanwhile you should cut the hair around his eyes, and wipe the eyes regularly. They pretty much do not shed, which makes them suitable for people who suffer from allergies. This breed is generally healthy, although they can have an allergic reaction to fleas or eye problems. Their lifespan is 12 to 15 years but in some cases they live even longer.