Benefits of Summer Savory

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

Savory is very healthy in its entirety. It contains a specific essential oils, but thymol and carvacrol dominate. It also contains enviable amount of cellulose, minerals, proteins and vitamin A. For centuries, aromatic savory was a favorite spice plant. Due to the characteristic aroma, flavor that reminisces to pepper, and a smell of thyme, oregano and marjoram, it was used daily in the ancient kitchens.

Virgil used to grow it as food for bees. In ancient Rome and Greece benefits of summer savory were widely known, but it was used mainly as love potion, due to its aphrodisiac properties. Today, they grow it mostly in France, Spain, Germany, Canada, and USA.

It is favorite seasoning in the meat industry as well. It is added in sausages, game dishes and salads. However, you should not overuse it, its strong aroma can make dishes bitter.

It relieves bloating


Besides the fact that it prevents bloating, this herb also boosts the secretion of gastric juices, and relieves other ailments of the digestive system.

Folk medicine recommends it in the treatment of persistent diarrhea, as well as in gastric and intestinal cramps. Savory purifies the body, especially the respiratory system, helping cough up phlegm.

Tea made from this plant, of course without sugar, is recommended for people who suffer from diabetes because it significantly reduces the feeling of thirst, which is characteristic of this disease. It also helps alleviate symptoms of certain liver conditions, as well as nervousness.

Due to the phenolic compounds in the essential oil, it has strong antiseptic properties, and studies have shown that it has a strong antiviral effect, which means that it can battle some of the most serious diseases.

Impotence and frigidity


Mix equal portions of savory, yarrow and rosemary, to get a four-to-five scoops of herbal mixture. Pour a liter of boiling water on it, leave for 10 minutes, strain and drink. Tea should be drunk for 40 days, in the morning and evening.

After that, continue only with savory tea, putting four spoons of this plant in a liter of boiling water. Drink it for three days. For these kind of problems, folk medicine has another recipe. Mix 20 g of horsetail, 20 g of sage and 20 g of nettle with 10 g of savory, 10 g of rosemary and 30 g of red clover.

From the mixture take full teaspoon, pour on it 2.5 dl of boiling water and allow it to stand for two minutes. Strain and drink a cup of tea three times a day.

To clean the body

Mix 20 g of savory and 10 g of mint, take 3 tablespoons of mixture, pour 5 dl of boiling water on it and let it sit for up to 3 hours. Strain and drink tea instead of water. To fully exploit benefits of summer savory, consume it in moderation, too much of anything can’t be good for the body.