Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Sometimes everything you see and hear around you seems to be telling you to start exercising. Do you know what that is? It is your body suggesting that it is time to start working out. As much as we’re sometimes just not in the mood, that’s not an excuse. Just try to remember that great feeling you get after you finish any physical activity.

It is certain that we need some motivation. Of course it would be great if feeling of happiness splashed us when we start training, but it does not. Most women would much rather drink coffee, read the magazine or chat with friends than go sweat in the aerobics class or on machines, at least most of them anyway.

Maybe all of us who need some persuasion in order to do this very good thing for ourselves do not realize all the benefits of a good workout. We all live in today, and it is difficult sometimes to perceive the long-term effects of our actions. Ah, if only all excess fat would just melt immediately after one good exercise, but of course we did not gain weight overnight and we cannot expect to lose it easily.

Removing excess weight that hinders the functioning of our body is just one of the benefits of physical activity. It is interesting that workout not only burns body fat that is already deposited but it also prevents the deposition of new fat because the muscles you build require a lot more energy than fat and the metabolism kicks into high gear.


Also, exercise is a natural mood booster. Physical activity stimulates the production of substances that naturally regulate good mood, and they are also known as endorphins.

They are actually a natural sedative that make us feel calm and happy. Load or strain on a muscle builds the muscle, so it really works on the principle of what does not kill you makes you stronger.

But here we’re also talking about strengthening the most important one that powers the rest. Yes, you guessed it, it’s the heart. Those who exercise regularly even only two or three times a week with moderate intensity decreased risk of heart disease by 50%. This percentage is higher the more you work out.

One other very important fact is that one of the three mature women suffer from osteoporosis. Never allow yourself to be that one. Exercise to build muscle and bone mass and prevent its deterioration in later years. You certainly do not want to turn into a fragile old lady, instead try to make yourself a women warrior, which is quite active even when age comes. You can achieve that only if you decide to go to the gym, or some other place where you will devote your time to exercise.