Benefits Of PH Diet For Kids

Photo credit: Flickr

Photo credit: Flickr

Did you ever feel helpless while you were trying to boost your child’s immunity and help it fight common infections? Sometimes it comes to situation when you think it is better to keep your child away from collective just to keep it safe. But is that right solution?

Different infections come with first days in school, so the only way to protect our kids from this is boosting their immunity. Numerous benefits of PH diet are known to help a lot with this. This kind of diet lowers acidity of organism which lowers ability of the body to absorb vitamins, minerals and weakens the immunity causing majority of diseases.

If your child catches flu easily, the reason can be acidity of organism. It can also cause allergies, asthma, eczema and Candida. If your child suffers from any kind of chronic disease like migraine or sinus infection, try to balance its body with pH diet.

Mistakes parents make in kids’ diet that cause acidity

Early cessation of breastfeeding – Mothers milk is the best and the healthiest food for a child for many reasons and one of them is its pH value of 7 – 7.5 which makes it basic food. It has been proved that breastfed children are healthier and more resistant.


Premature introduction of sugar and processed foods in your baby’s diet – Nowadays some parents give sweetened water and tea to babies only few months old. First baby food parents give to their children is usually sweet, and very often baby under the year eats snacks, pizzas or some kind of canned food that is not suited even for adults because they are very acidic. Try to feed your child natural foods, especially fresh vegetables and fruits.

Masking the natural taste of food – putting ketchup, mayonnaise, dry spices and salt to our food masks natural taste of food.

This mistake is often made because we like to put those toppings and spices. We forget that children sense of taste is not numb as ours which is partially destroyed by artificial food.

Overcooking vegetables – Raw vegetables are alkaline and thermal treatment makes it less alkaline. If we cooked it too much its pH changes toward acidity.

Insufficient use of natural food – Today not many children eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and legumes on regular basis. Instead of fruits many kids get fruit yogurts which are full of sugar and fruit content is very low. Also ketchup, chips and fries are often considered to be vegetables, which is terrible mistake. We use refined white flour instead of whole grains. All of this together also increase acidity of organism.

Feeding children on the street – Since our children are used to unhealthy food, we often, just to avoid fighting and persuasions, give them food from bakeries and fast food restaurants instead of homemade meals. These kinds of foods are full of additives and salt.