Beauty Products’ Expiration Date

Photo credit: Google commons

Photo credit: Google commons

Did you know that some pieces of makeup can never go bad although the packaging says otherwise? Find out what is the actual shelf life of makeup.

Replace eyeliner every three months

Pay special attention to the make-up that comes in contact with the area around the eyes, especially eyeliner and eye pencil. These products, with no excuse, should be changed every three months. Since eyeliner contains a lot of water it spoils quickly. Even if it does not look bad at all, on its way from kit to the eye and back, it picks up a lot of bacteria. Dirt from eye pencil and eyeliner can create redness and itching, and in some cases even conjunctivitis.


To avoid any harmful bacteria make sure you sharpen the pencil a little bit before each application. As for eyeliner, just replace it more often.


Powder is good for two years

You can use compact powder or loose powder at least two years after opening the package, unless it contains water or some of the herbal extracts like chamomile, aloe, green tea, bamboo … These extracts have water in them, so bacteria can easily develop, especially if powder is stored in a room that’s damp, like the bathroom.

The good news

If you store it in a dry place, the powder with plant extracts also can be used for two years.

Mascara should be fresh

Old mascara can cause itching, conjunctivitis, as well as inflammation of the eyelid. Therefore, experts advise, replace it every three months. If mascara changed the smell, it is a sure sign that it needs to be changed, and if it smells like gasoline, immediately throw it away.

Unwritten law

Never, ever do lend your mascara!

Lipstick does not have a shelf life

Lipstick can change the smell, but even then, it is not really gone bad. And do you know why? Because it contains no water!

Only those cosmetics products that contain water can spoil quickly, according to cosmetic technologists.

The composition of lipstick is usually several different waxes and a high percentage of vegetable oils. So, you can basically use it until you spend it. Avoid touching it with your fingers, because that way you can pollute it.


You’ll know that the lipstick is not for use, when you notice that it cannot be nicely applied to the lips.

Blush does not spoil

Blush does not contain water which means that it cannot go bad. However, it can become contaminated by the brush. Brushes are, if not maintained properly, the real factory of bacteria. If you do not wash your brushes regularly, change the blush every year, and if you do properly clean them, you can use blush until you spend it.


Use dry cloth or towel to wipe the brushes after each use, besides that use mild shampoo to wash them every two weeks. They should always be placed upright in a glass so they won’t wrinkle and deform.

Replace shadow every six months

Replace eye shadow every six months to avoid redness, itching and irritation, it should be done regardless of the fact that they are very similar to powder in composition. They should be treated differently because they come in contact with mucous membranes of the eyes, so there is a greater risk of transmission bacteria on the product, and therefore on the eyes.


Especially pay attention to creamy shadows because they spoil faster than powder ones.