Basil And Its Uses

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

In addition to pasta with pesto, you can use basil to make vinegar, oil and tea. It is an excellent way to stimulate digestion.

Basil as spice

Mediterranean cuisine is marked by basil. This traditional diet, according to many, is one of the healthiest, primarily because it is based on the use of fresh fruit, fish, cheese, garlic and olive oil.

Their ingredients stimulate metabolism and protect the cardiovascular system, thereby preventing diabetes and a variety of cardiac diseases.


Basil goes well with all these ingredients and it is an indispensable spice for a variety of souses, pastas, vegetables, grilled tomatoes, peas and beans.

We put it in soups, fresh salads and spreads, and we use it to prepare the marinade for fish and meat.

Basil, the king of summer plants, owes his luscious fragrance to eugenol, essential oil that has disinfecting and stimulating effects as well as digestive, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is not for use in dried form, since it contains estragole, an organic compound that has toxic effect on our body. Instead, it can be frozen or kept in extra virgin olive oil.

Flavored balsamic vinegar

When the leaves are frilled, wipe it with a damp cloth and place in a glass or ceramic bowl. The ratio of basil and vinegar should be 1:5. So, put the high-quality red wine vinegar to boil, and when it does pour it over the basil, close the cap and leave it all to stand for three days, then strain. It is used as a dietary supplement as well.

Basil oil

Put 30 basil leaves in the glass jar and cover them with extra virgin olive oil. It is very important that the leaves are completely submerged in oil to avoid mold. You can also add hot pepper or garlic, which will make it even tastier. Close the jar and keep it for 21 days in a dark place, protected from heat and moisture. After this period, strain the oil and pour it into the bottle. You can spice up fresh vegetables with the leaves left in the jar.

Tea for stomach and sore throat

If you have overeaten or you are suffering from colic, you make yourself useful and tasty basil tea: put three grams of fresh leaves in 150ml of boiling water. Let it stand for ten minutes in a covered bowl then strain it and drink it. This tea helps sore throat, and can be used for rinsing the mouth and throat. A word of advice: by the aroma, hibiscus flowers will compliment basil the best.

Relaxing bath

Finally, you can use basil to make a relaxing bath, since it is very refreshing and it reduces odors. Just put the tie basil in a cloth bag and put it in water.