Natural Oils For Best Skin Treatment

Photo credit; Bigstock

Photo credit; Bigstock

This season the main players on the beauty scene are OILS. It’s time to treat your skin with this natural wellness. Cold, wind and heating are first to blame for dry skin, wrinkles, inflammation and damage to the face and body during the winter months. Sebaceous glands are unable to produce enough natural oils, which make the skin rough, wrinkled and lifeless.

The solution is, of course, hydrating the skin especially it’s protective layer, which will then quickly come back to life with natural vegetable oils. A lot of women decided to use only natural cosmetics, which brought back old tricks of their grandmothers. It’s becoming a common thing for vegetable oils to become the first choice of skin care for face and body, and often, they completely replace the current use of creams.

Natural oils are a good nutrition for facial skin and they give all the necessary nutrients. They are a good solution for all skin types. Natural oils nourish and nurture the skin, and give it much-needed moisture, vitamins, water and grease. Unlike the essential oils, natural vegetable oils are obtained from the fruit, seeds or other plant parts.

Oils are selected according to skin type, depending on the dryness or oiliness. So for the dry skin you should use avocado or wild rose oil, while oily skin gets calmed by jojoba oil.


Oil is absorbed best into the skin with the help of water, so the rule is that before using oils, use hydrolith or water.

You can mix it with water, rub your palms and apply to the area of the face or body.

Quality vegetable oil must be cold squeezed, which means that in the process of obtaining oil, the plant material is not exposed to temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius in order to preserve the oil molecules and vitamins. Besides being cheaper than creams, vegetable oils can be experimented with to find the best ones for your skin type.

Thereby you also control the budget, and you are familiar with the ingredients that you apply to your skin, which cannot be said for creams whose chemical compounds written on packaging we often don’t understand. Best thing is to combine several types of vegetable oils, because only one oil is never optimal choice for one type of skin.

Try a few of them for best effect. You will find a large array of vegetable oils, and on the pedestal are definitely argan oil, which is used for dry and mature skin, almond oil, macadamia oil, worshiped olive oil and wild roses fruit oil, which show excellent results in the regeneration of damaged skin, scars, burns, as well as many other skin related issues.

Among other favorites are definitely cottonseed oil, great for moisturizing dry skin prone to redness and itching and yang oil, which is a good choice for oily skin. Jojoba wax composition is very similar to sebum, and is ideal for the treatment of acne. Hazelnut oil is one of the oils that are quickly absorbed, so it can be used in combination with other, heavier oils to dilute them.

It is suitable for oily skin prone to acne, sensitive skin prone to redness and skin lacking in moisture. Pomegranate seed oil has a unique composition, dominated by very rare omega-5 fatty acids. That kind of composition works regenerative and antiphlogistic. Because of its high cost pomegranate seeds oil is contained in a very expensive, luxurious cosmetics.

It is used in wrinkles treatments, it encourages skin regeneration, acts on scars and is used with dry and thin skin. Depending on your needs, you can find a solution to your every problem – in nature! It is up to you to make a choice.