Anxious Mothers – You Are Not Alone

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

People often choose to keep silent about their problems due to fear of condemnation, but that is not the solution. Acceptance of a problem is the first step to solution. Did it ever happened to you that during everyday activities with your toddler your heart starts to pound rapidly, you start sweating, feeling tightness and pain in the chest, a terrible restlessness that pervades your whole body, that you have lump in the throat, feeling like you are going to suffocate.

These are all symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. Some of the sensations may be a little different but still is the same and it is very important that you know that that you are not alone. This disorder does not have to happen when a child is born, changes may begin to occur much later.

If you feel that you have this diagnosis, the first step is to visit a psychiatrist. He will listen to you and, if the situation is serious and anxiety at an advanced stage, he will prescribe you a sedative. Be aware that the pills are not a solution but only temporarily aid, which will help you during more severe attacks.

The cause is in you

Depending on what type of personality you have, changes that a baby brings affect people differently. The highest predisposition for anxiety has perfectionist and emotional people, because every deviation from perfection, such person perceives as a catastrophe. When you have children, it is impossible to keep everything under control and it is unrealistic to expect everything to be in place and how you imagined it. The second types of person prone to this diagnosis are people prone to paranoia and fears.


Solution – you have to change, otherwise you will always feel bad. With the arrival of the child, worries and fears grow with it.

In fact, there are very rare moments when the parents are completely relaxed because they are always more or less alerted.

They worry firstly about finding themselves in this role, they get up at night to check whether everything is okay with the baby, each flu is seen as a personal defeat, cramps, teeth, night waking, problems with breast-feeding are just some of the issues that every parent has to deal with. But the situation does not change much even when kids start to grow.

When they learn how to walk, parents fear that they will fall out of the terrace, touch the socket, oven, iron… Myriad of potentially dangerous situations for someone prone to anxiety.

How to help yourself

Reading self-help books on the subject of panic and following their advice can be very helpful. The first step is to face your fears. When you experience this, do not think about the environment, accept what is going on, breathe deeply, tell yourself that it’s ok, and that it will pass. The moment you accept your anxiety you will win, because fear feeds on fear and anxiety and panic will exist until you stop fearing them.

Exercise relieves panic attacks

The state of the cervical spine and body posture can worsen anxiety and trigger a panic attack. If you have cervical spine problems, it is possible to that there lies the cause of your anxiety in the first place. Existing problems worsen if you’re under chronic stress, because stress is often accumulates exactly in the shoulders and neck. Solution is correcting posture exercise – strengthen your abs, back muscles and the shoulder blade region. It is even possible that you anxiety disappear only thanks to the correction of posture.