Amazing Benefits Of Watermelon

Photo credit: Bigstock

Photo credit: Bigstock

Watermelon consists of 92 percent water, so it is an excellent choice for hot summer days. However, even though watermelon is filled with water, it does not mean that it doesn’t contain some of the most powerful antioxidants.

Watermelon is full of lycopene

Dieticians recommend eating watermelon, especially during summer because it contains lycopene which protects skin cells from sun damage. Lycopene is a plant pigment found in red vegetable fruits such as peppers and watermelons.

Scientists have recently discovered that watermelon has as much or more lycopene than tomatoes. A slice of watermelon contains 18.16 milligrams of lycopene, while one medium tomato contains 4 milligrams.

Vitamin C


A slice of watermelon provides 25 percent of daily vitamin C requirements. Vitamin C is important for healthy teeth and gums, it helps in the absorption of iron which helps maintain the health of connective tissue of the skin, it also helps immune constructs and wound healing.

It has a vitamin and antioxidant properties, and prevents damage to cells by neutralizing the free radicals, – the molecules which are believed to be associated with aging and the emergence of certain diseases. There is growing evidence that people who eat fruits and vegetables that provide enough vitamin C, have healthier blood pressure than those who do not eat enough of this very important vitamin.

Builds the immune system

Watermelon has enough of vitamin A, which plays an important role in eyes health, bone growth, reproduction and cell division.

Vitamin A is vital for many other functions, including the regulation of the immune system and the production of lymphocytes.

A slice of watermelon provides 30 percent of daily needs. Watermelon as a refreshing snack will help to keep the immune system strong.

You can lose weight in a healthy way

In many countries more than 60 percent of grownups are overweight or obese which increases the risk of chronic diseases. If you want to reduce these risk factors, please note that a slice of watermelon has only 40 calories. This delicious fruit has low calorie value, but it is rich in nutrients.

Preserves healthy Heart

Research has shown that people who eat at least three servings of fruits and vegetables a day have a significantly lower risk of dying from stroke, heart disease and other cardiac causes than people who eat just one serving a day. Due to the fact that watermelon is so nutritious and that it does not burden the organism with fats, it is a perfect choice to replace unhealthy sweets.

Natural water intake

Cup of chopped cubes of watermelon contains about 90 percent water. The fluid does not contain the usual chemical ingredients of plumbing and plastic packaging, so it is considered as the best source of liquid for the body.